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Saturday, May 3, 2008


i don't give a FUCK... RADIOHEAD is the shit! if you don't know what the deal is, get hip quick. because if you ask me, this is THE MOST IMPORTANT BAND IN THE WORLD TODAY. not the largest. that's Bono and the boys from U2. and not to minimize the altruistic work of Bono, or the music ("The Joshua Tree" is fly 'cause "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For" and "All That You Can't Leave Behind" just for "Beautiful Day" alone), but actually pushing the boundaries of music forward, in composition, in arrangement, in technology, in business, in the lead, is Radiohead.

these dudes make the type of music that catches you off guard, but it's not like they tryin' to confuse you. it's the type of off guard that's like "oh shit. i didn't expect that." it's the type that becomes something you remember for years to come, because years from now is when the next thing that comes along that catches you off guard like that again. they have what's called an original approach. see, i like to think of them as the "Bitches Brew" of rock, if that category does them justice, because they really do transcend categories and boundaries. and if you don't think so, all this is coming from a dude from North Philly, which is known in these parts as The Badlands, where million dollar crack corners once existed. now for them to come from England and still have that effect on me and others like me, how cool is that?

but that's what it's about to me. to be courageous enough to express YOURSELF and not the people around you is what being a great artist is all about. that's why hip hop is losin'. aybody aybody but theyself. but why play the game if it's not to have impact? what type of player are you, the type that's drafted to fill up the roster, or the type that's drafted to fill up the arena?

This joint is called "Weird Fishes/Arpeggi" it's my favorite joint off of they new joint "In Rainbows". now, i ain't gonna tell you to go cop it. i'd rather you buy beats from me. but if you lookin' for an experience, holla at them boys on ITunes...


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