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Thursday, May 1, 2008


this is just a partial history of mine. graffiti played a major role in my development because it's how i first got known in the streets. that's where the hustler was born, on the walls of North Philly as the writer DENSKE, or DEN for short.

i should note that it's where grafitti itself started, in 1967. the first to ever write on walls for fame, Cornbread, a world famous graffiti artist from North Philly was famously known for writing his name on the Jackson 5 tour plane in 1970. he was so popular that the movie "Cornbread, Earl and Me" was originally intended to be a story about him, his partner Cool Earl, starring a very young Larry Fishbourne. a full year later, in 1971, Taki 183 recieved his write up in The Villiage Voice that announced graffiti officially to New York, even tho' there were others before him like Junior 161 and Lee 163d. the legendary DJ Kool Herc started his outdoor parties at Sedgewick and Cedar in 1976, and the term "break boys" or "b-boys" came from him. his "master of ceremonies" or MC, Coke LaRock is where the rappers started and then it was The Furious 5 and The Cold Crush Brothers that molded it into the artform that it is today. the rappers actually came last. but the graffiti came first.

i went on to sell a few paintings in a few galleries in New York and Philly. i'll post some here on this site soon. i have also been featured in 67 magazines, newspaper articles in The Philadelphia Inquirer and The City Paper, and in numerous documentaries, including "On The Go", which was shot by Espo, the artist responsible for the Brooklyn Museum controversy, and "Infamy" a QD3 production, who is Quincy Jones's son.

Tupac style... i get around...


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