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Friday, May 16, 2008


i wanna put yall up on some shit. now, i know some of yall may know who i'm talkin' 'bout. for those that don't, after today you won't. today we gon' deal with some schoolin'/sharin' 'bout one of THE tightest bands of the 70s, The New Birth.

i mean we all know Earth, Wind and Fire was perhaps one of the top 3 bands of the 70s (Queen and Led Zepplin have to round that list off), and definitely THE top band as far as soul music goes, but this band right here?... just as tight as EWF if you ask me. i'm a big fan of the bass, and the baw Leroy Taylor was no joke. he had a real controlled way of playin' and you can really hear the precise fingering that he applied to his instrument. another favorite of mine in this group is Robin Russel on drums. his kick drum rolls were crazy. and he had a very profound sense of timing, whereas which drum he chose to hit actually helped the emotional mood in the song. shit, the whole rhythm section is tight as Omarion's jeans. and of course, Leslie Wilson, is the voice that sets it off. i mean, dude has a way of combining power and tenderness in the same song, sometimes the same line. and as a producer myself, how the fuck can i leave out Harvey Fuqua, the man that harnessed the talent and directed the energy. if the name sounds familiar, it's because he used to get down with The Gordy Gang up at Motown. but credentials aside (some of the original band went on to actually play with EWF, feel THAT), it's the MUSIC that makes this band the shit to me.

i had to put this song on here, because i know a lot of yall haven't heard it. it's called "Got To Get A Knutt", and it means exactly what you think it means. but check the approach. it's almost like a performance art piece. dig the arrangements and the changes in mood and climate. it changes just like the mood changes when you fuckin'. i mean a good fuck, when you laugh and growl and cuss and pound and long stroke. that's what this song is.

now i couldn't be the pimp that i am without puttin' this in the mix. "Wildflower" for me is THE greatest love song of all time. check the lyrics; even tho' this is a remake (didn't know that didya? it was originally done by a Canadian group called Skylark), still my man Leslie Wilson lettin' her story be known, she ain't had it easy and on that note she deserves respect and space and understanding. "let her cry, she's a lady..."

for me the arrangement of this song is pure genius in it's execution of emotional texture with sound. the vocal arrangement, the string arrangement, the song arrangement, the horn arrangement, all of it, perfect. it absolutely blows the original to shreds and makes the original seem like a weak attempt at performing itself. as a producer, it is my goal to make a song that contains this much emotion contained in such an elegant and seamless rendering. i really mean that.

now that i done bust my geek off, let's get to some ignant shit. this song is THE gushie getter. it's almost seven minutes long; long enuff to get them clothes off, jack. and if she hesitate, it got the perfect bit of game in the middle. don't be a dickhead and SAY what he sayin'... LIP SINK the words. it'll put her into a mode of fantasy. but YOU gotta look like you mean it tho'. and i know you do. at least 'til you get the gushie. and don't put this in your mix first. put it in the middle. cause if you already hittin' and THIS COME ON? you better fuck her big dick style. and for those who don't know, when your dick is big, you tend to dig deep, not rabbit fuck all the time. but ladies, yall wanna feel something in that moment right? not just the physical. even if he is the one hit and quit, he might be the second round get down if he good enough, right? that's all about how he make you FEEL. ain't that right ladies? and now, let me turn down the lights, touch you like i knew your thoughts, hold you tight like republican spending and be your bridge over troubled waters...


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