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In 1967, some dude in Philly wrote his name on a wall to get a girl's attention. My how this culture has grown up since then.

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A historical look at the origins of the 1st element of hip hop in this new documentary. Culture kicks the facts.


A LEGEND amongst legends has passed away in Philadelphia. You should probably know this name if you SAY you love hip hop culture...

The Art Scene: The Fun Gallery

Street Art? New???? Our Big Brother Samo, aka Basquiate and the crew was doin that back in the day in NY, sun. Take peep into the start of a movement.

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Our favorite rap group is back making that unmistakable hip hop music. Nothin but fire. see if I'm wrong...

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Sunday Jun 21 5:44 AM CDT posted by Dallas Penn

There was a lot less coverage of the passing of Boostin’ Billy. As a matter of fact there was no internets coverage as far as I’m concerned. I got a message from one of the 2nd Gen Decepts that Boostin’ Billy, a co-founder of the Lo-Lifes had passed away. I haven’t had the chance to confirm or deny this story from the Lo-Lifes perspective but as soon as I do I will let y’all know the deal.

I did not know Boostin’ Billy personally but his name does ring bells. I’m sure he was one of the many young men that I encountered on the Deuce back in its Black youth heyday and the latter years of the Latin Quarters. To this day I still wear my Polo I.T.’s more out of respect for all the brothers that passed away to obtain and maintain this level of fresh. This is my lifestyle for life.

It was a wild thing to see my dad pass away a few years ago. He was such a lion I expected him to live forever. So it goes for all giants and lions and great influencers. Our time here is ridiculous and short. Respect to all of those that have left their indelible mark on our minds and in our hearts. These people are the fathers to our style.

That's what was written about my man B-Bill, in Dallas Penn's blog on well, i can sadly confirm that he has indeed returned to the essence. its still strange for me to really be like he's really gone. it's like it just wasn't supposed to go down like this. and in the midst of my own sadness, i still can only remember the good times.

1991, we dressed the whole 12th n Huntingdon. real talk. and that's not just one block. thats the whole surrounding area, a 5 block radius. niggas know. back then i had the red Cherokee Laredo and that shit used to stay full of merchandise in the rear. those days it was me, Sgt. Squash, Don Lo, Dave Lo, and B-Bill. and we stayed fly as SHIT.

Bill used to do incredible shit. take the whole rack of jerseys. i've seen him take 53 pair of Guess jeans. stuffing the studded Pele leather up his back while spittin game at the store clerk. stuffin a TV up the back. i am not bullshittin. Nautica down coats, the three quarters when they was hot, DKNY shields, when she first dropped for men. oh man, that shit was crazy. bitches was open off the flyness. and Bill would be evryday with a label. you'd look at him and be like, he on his bum jawn today, and get close to him and realize that aything on him was a label of some sort. he was flyer on his bum days than u was on Easter. balee dat.

we did a skid bid in Jersey. me him n Dave Lo. Dave bailed out quick, cause anybody that know him know that his girl was always a soldier for him. 2 days, he went home. me and Bill stayed till the hearing. shit, i was givin them $500 knowin i wasnt comin back for no fuckin court date. just a week and some change, nothin special. we was in Burlington County, so we was like stars to them niggas. i had on some black canvas Lo boots with the orange jumpsuit, stylin. i believe Bill was rockin the Bear gortex. them niggas aint never seen none of that shit outside of the Source. we held down a shower just for me n him, and when he went in, i held him down, and when i went in, he held me down. then them other niggas started tryin to ride the same way. we spent the whole time clownin them niggas. now there was a couple of real niggas there too, and of course, they rode with us. gave us lotion and cigarettes until commisarry. and when store day came, we copped shit and left it to niggas when we stepped out. thorobred shit. my nigga B-Bill to the core.

Bill used to STAY at a fly bitch. he was a fly nigga. but no matter how many labels you rock, if u cant spit game at a broad, u will lose her. shit, i know he fly, because we used to have a couple broads in common. and it was funny cuz we'd talk about bitches generically, like " i met this bitch from up Temple" or "my Temple jawn" and come to find out when a name is mentioned, we both done hit it, and twice we was talkin to the same broad at the same time. once we both hit. not a threesome, just me n him knew behind the curtain. and he never got jel or aggy. thorobred shit. how many of you niggas on some shit like that?

but what needs to be realized is he means more to the world than what my man wrote about him in the XXL. see, he was directly responsible for being the influence of the look of the golden era of hip hop. it's Lo Life niggas that brought that whole Polo dress code ( and other like minded shit like Nautica, Helly Hansen etc.) that became the look for Rakim, G-Rap, and especially Kane. the only other major influence on the style of that era was Dapper Dan. and it was that school that really caused the expansion of hip hop into a wider, broader scale, behind Run DMC. see, it's the way things are packaged that makes them appeal to buyers. so little white kids that was rockin this shit because it was their regular steez, you don't think they felt some sort of connection seein all these tuff black guys from NY wearin what they do everyday? you don't think Run DMC rappin over rock music wasn't the connection they had to white people? same shit. and it's the white people that drive sales. still do. and it's still a guy from Brooklyn (RocaWear) that drives the current trend. and the whole line is based off of whata Brooklyn kid from that era, Jay Z, was influenced by. he said so in his music, shoutin out Lo Lifes by name. this is my man B-Bill having direct influence over one of the greatest hip hop figures in history. and the way YOU dress today.

i heard a lot of stories today about how he actually passed. i will not repeat none of it. lets' just say, no one really knows. but that's the way it's always been for the legends of our times, right? Bruce Lee, Huey Newton, Pac, Big, their deaths are surrounded in mystery. and always with the feeling like they are gone too soon. as it is with my nigga Bill, born Michael Culley in Brooklyn New York on September 4, 1970. Laid to rest June 23, 2009.

a legend...

my friend.

Monday, June 22, 2009


Bitch are you crazy!!!! Keri Hilson, Ms. Keri Baby whatever you are calling yourself these days your going to have to change your name and move to some remote location stepping to the Queen Beyonce Knowles. Don’t you know what happened to the last girl who did that? No umbrella could save her from the rain that fell pon her. Folks if you haven’t heard, listen up. Keri disses Beyonce and Ciara in her remix with T-Pain and Lil Wayne called “Turning me on”. She says in her lyrics and I quote “I shot the sheriff but wait till I shoot these bitches down, now I ain’t tryna start no mess but there’s just something on my chest that I need to get off cuz your turnin me off, ya vision cloudy if you think that you the best you can dance you can sing but need to move it to the” left (word not in lyrics but we know what fit’s the rhyme) “she need to go and have some babies she need to sit down she fading them otha chicks ain’t even worth my time talkin bout…. Go head and tell these folks how long I been writing ya songs I been puttin you on just check the credits hoe….”

Keri is receiving so much backlash from Beyonce fans posting dis responses on you tube to DJ’s putting her on the spot in interviews with Ciara. In the interview with Ciara she actually apologized. Damn boo, you punked out! Now Keri is back peddling and trying to say that the lyrics were about haters in general. BOOO!! In my personal opinion Keri is a talented artist. And although she just released her first album this March she has been in the game for a good 12 years writing songs for such artist as Brittney Spears, Pussycat dolls, Ciarra and Mary J. Blige. Ciara doesn’t write ANY of her own songs and Keri’s album is doing better on the charts. Maybe she doesn’t have a big enough EGO like say Beyonce. Who to me is “fading” hence the redundant black and white videos. She does want children too. Perhaps it is time to do just that. It beats making whack movies. Now I don’t necessarily think she needs to “sit down”, I am a huge Beyonce fan. I’d love to see her do pregnant videos like Britney or Jaguar. Say, what ever happened to her?

Anywho, but yes I do agree with Keri somewhat. She should take her aim at the crown. She’s paid her dues. Beyonce needs to be inspired. What inspires more than a worthy opponent. I had the chance to correspond with Keri and I asked her how she felt about Omarion taking credit for writing the song she wrote ‘Ice Box” she responded “ I don’t care, as long as I get my money”. Well folks it looks like Ms. Keri is not satisfied with just money anymore. She wants the crown. But she ain’t gonna get it pussy footing when faced with confrontation, especially when she started the fight.

She got to take the throne or go home.

Friday, June 19, 2009


this is Philly baby! a culture of violence. even these broads is tuff. not just the ugly ones either. now i been livin with these police for years. when i used to do the thing, officers like Perez, Tom n Jerry and others used to take money off of me and my niggas all the time. 3rd and Diamond, Fairhill and Somerset, ask about us.

what caught me out there was the fact that the dealer in the story, was my man from high school. Ricardo McKendrick, Jr. i used to holler at his sister. and his cousin. they were both as fine as any of these video models. and SHAAARP. always dipped in the freshest and the flyest. i was young and thought that type of shit made u a player. it don't. that makes u stupid. i lost em both. see, the player shit woulda been to fall in. and since them times, i haven't and i don't put no sex/relationship business aheada that bread. but i still think of his cousin, who i met first, and always think about what coulda been. the babies we coulda made (she was absolutely gorgeous. AND smart. AND FLY AS SHIT. Gucci sneaks and Emanuelle Khan's in JR high.) i was a dummy. and on some grown man shit, wherever you are, i'm sorry.

Rick was a cool dude. always on some fly shit. 3 pairs of new sneaks a week. custom made glasses. diamond rings. and even tho he obviously had more than you, he always made you feel like you was fly too. well, i was. i'm pretty. i'm talkin bout those other cats! (scene from The Mack.) he was what you don't see too much of nowadays. he was a THOROBRED. so it makes me feel kinda fucked up that they sayin he's a cooperatin witness now. for me, that shit is hard to swallow...shit, ALL SHIT is hard to swallow, if u gotta eat it...

now as u end this report, right at the end, with the white guy out in the middle of what the fuck, u see him walk in front of a sign with a grafitti tag. now that tag holds a lot of prestige. he was the king of the city before me and one of the all time bombing kings in graff history, KAD or KADISM as he is famously known. most graff writers write where most people will see their name. how likely is it that where the white guy is is a high traffic area? not at all. so to see his name way out there is like, what the fuck!?! the irony is that now its being seen by thousands of people everywhere! now i became king after KAD, and the twist is, i got the name DEN in that same high school with Rick. and he used to write. he had a pretty decent hand. see, this is Philly. that type of shit is important. and the other baw who used to rock wit us, Gene, DORT 224, used to run Nicetown with his brother Napoleon, or NERD as some called him. they used to get MONEY. Nerd had the biggest chain i ever saw in person. now, this gonna fuck u up. you know what high school that was? Bartram? West? Gratz? Southern? nope. Engineering and Science. u gotta love how it all unfolds. or at least appreciate the irony.

small world...


let me say this... first and foremost, i am NOT a fan of Drake. i think he has talent, but he will not have the lasting impact that Lil Wayne will have on the scope of music for this year and last. he will be one of those people thats counted amongst those that "did it", that group of folks who we all remember for being there during "those times". they are not the ones who define it. like CNN was talented. but they were around during Illmatic, Cuban Links and The Infamous. see what i'm sayin?

but thats not what this is about. i have seen a number of sites and comments that spend too much time trying to tear him down. i mean, i dont think he deserves rewards as a true avant garde-ian. but he dont deserve the type of fuck up you dudes assign to him daily. just based on the merits of the buzz. team or not, u gotta love the type of impact this is having on the industry. that is if u hate free and not on the stay free, know whamtawkin bout?

i have a label, and a small studio (but i gets the fuck busy), so i've been tellin motha fuckas for the longest that we can get this money ourselves. while i dont think strictly the material got him the buzz(he was a TV star for a minute), he GOT IT. all independently. the sonic ripples sent thru the industry will be clearly heard by those tuned into that frequency. the rest of you fuck faces will be amongst the rest of these fuck faces that are so happy he's about to get a deal. DUMMY. if he has COAST TO COAST market presence, a nationwide tour (and about to go back out with Jay Z), an appearance on Conan (the Leno slot), and sitings with one of the absolutely most beautiful women in the world (Rhi-Rhi) WITHOUT A DEAL..... WHAT THE FUCK DOES HE NEED ONE FOR?

see, if a pimp already got 10 bitches and u offer him 10, ur not really addin to his game... just appealin to his GREED. 10 bitches stompin hard these days is a realistic 4-5 thousand a day. that 25-28 stacks a WEEK. $100,000 a MONTH. he's ok without ur help. same thing with Drake. the baw can make history if he just has the balls to say, "naw, i got it". cause he does! he HAS! his presence on the web is almost ubiquitous. from yahoo to TMZ, to People, this is all done WITHOUT label support.
all that needs to be done now is to hire an ad agency to handle a national promotional campaign, and a team to coordinate the distribution of the physical cd globally(of which the manufacture can be handled by various very capable independents) and he can WIN. even if he throws up a brick material wise, he'll still cake off. its conceivable that he'll do considerably north of gold his first week out. now take into account the 60/40 (YOUR favor) split that distributors offer, even 50/50, will make sure he sees more money off his first week than Jay Z made off his last record. he does plat that first week, he shoots past Eminem. a million records sold is equal to 10 million in revenue, gross. most rappers will be lucky to see $8, 900,000. the bigger stars make a million dollars... OUT OF THE $10 MILLION THAT THEY JUST MADE FOR THE LABEL. and then the artist gotta pay back expenses outta THEIR share. Drake wouldn't have to pay anyone shit. he could have distributors eating costs all day in anticipation of the product they know they're gonna move. then there's the internet.... man, i'm spittin tooo much game. let's just see where he at wit his.

he can really set the mark for a new day for artists in this business. and for BUSINESSMEN in this business. if he just not fraid to handle business. cause if go for the monkey business, imma mind my business. cuz he gon' get fucked. and i dont deal wit the batty boy business...

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