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Monday, June 22, 2009


Bitch are you crazy!!!! Keri Hilson, Ms. Keri Baby whatever you are calling yourself these days your going to have to change your name and move to some remote location stepping to the Queen Beyonce Knowles. Don’t you know what happened to the last girl who did that? No umbrella could save her from the rain that fell pon her. Folks if you haven’t heard, listen up. Keri disses Beyonce and Ciara in her remix with T-Pain and Lil Wayne called “Turning me on”. She says in her lyrics and I quote “I shot the sheriff but wait till I shoot these bitches down, now I ain’t tryna start no mess but there’s just something on my chest that I need to get off cuz your turnin me off, ya vision cloudy if you think that you the best you can dance you can sing but need to move it to the” left (word not in lyrics but we know what fit’s the rhyme) “she need to go and have some babies she need to sit down she fading them otha chicks ain’t even worth my time talkin bout…. Go head and tell these folks how long I been writing ya songs I been puttin you on just check the credits hoe….”

Keri is receiving so much backlash from Beyonce fans posting dis responses on you tube to DJ’s putting her on the spot in interviews with Ciara. In the interview with Ciara she actually apologized. Damn boo, you punked out! Now Keri is back peddling and trying to say that the lyrics were about haters in general. BOOO!! In my personal opinion Keri is a talented artist. And although she just released her first album this March she has been in the game for a good 12 years writing songs for such artist as Brittney Spears, Pussycat dolls, Ciarra and Mary J. Blige. Ciara doesn’t write ANY of her own songs and Keri’s album is doing better on the charts. Maybe she doesn’t have a big enough EGO like say Beyonce. Who to me is “fading” hence the redundant black and white videos. She does want children too. Perhaps it is time to do just that. It beats making whack movies. Now I don’t necessarily think she needs to “sit down”, I am a huge Beyonce fan. I’d love to see her do pregnant videos like Britney or Jaguar. Say, what ever happened to her?

Anywho, but yes I do agree with Keri somewhat. She should take her aim at the crown. She’s paid her dues. Beyonce needs to be inspired. What inspires more than a worthy opponent. I had the chance to correspond with Keri and I asked her how she felt about Omarion taking credit for writing the song she wrote ‘Ice Box” she responded “ I don’t care, as long as I get my money”. Well folks it looks like Ms. Keri is not satisfied with just money anymore. She wants the crown. But she ain’t gonna get it pussy footing when faced with confrontation, especially when she started the fight.

She got to take the throne or go home.


Cosign the post, mayne.

Be has gotten a lil too comfy, imo. She seems like she knows she's that broad, & can't nobody fux with her position. I aint mad @ Keri, closed mouths don't get feed.

There's always gonna be backlash when u step to the current icon, look what happened to Joe B over the Meth rah rah. I understood where he was with it too. If u claim u the best, top notch or whatever, u should always be prepared for whoevers coming for the crown.

& like u said, healthy competition is a great driving force of motivation. Now, Be need to get on her game, n come off the "I sang for the president" kick.

Imo, Keri can't hold her purse tho, yet. She still got some work ahead of her to out Be Be.

Don't wanna see either of them chicks in movies tho, real type.

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