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Happy 50th Birthday, Graffiti!

In 1967, some dude in Philly wrote his name on a wall to get a girl's attention. My how this culture has grown up since then.

Taggin Ass City

A historical look at the origins of the 1st element of hip hop in this new documentary. Culture kicks the facts.


A LEGEND amongst legends has passed away in Philadelphia. You should probably know this name if you SAY you love hip hop culture...

The Art Scene: The Fun Gallery

Street Art? New???? Our Big Brother Samo, aka Basquiate and the crew was doin that back in the day in NY, sun. Take peep into the start of a movement.

Da Buze Bruvaz: Hard Liquor

Our favorite rap group is back making that unmistakable hip hop music. Nothin but fire. see if I'm wrong...

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Mickey Mouse is evil. now before you think i'm on some bugged out shit, peep. cause what i'm talkin about ain't got nothin to do with Mickey runnin around eatin people and knockin down buildings. matter of fact, let me put it different; Mickey Mouse is a pimp.

i mean, think about it. he has a bottom bitch. Minnie. but you rarely see her. she be off doin special shit. all his other hoes get his money; Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella. he got a jawn into kinky stuff, Beauty they call her, that will even sleep with a Beast, and a real piece of fish named The Little Mermaid. but as we all know, a pimp is only good as his action at a bitch. in other words, he got to constantly be at new prospects for the game in order to maintain in it. and Mickey is constantly spittin game at your daughter and mine.

a lot of these chicks have so much trouble with their adult relationships because of the game Mickey put on "em when they was little. got 'em all thinkin that there will be a day when some Prince will swoop in to save 'em and take care of them, and all they have to do is wait. the Prince already got his AND he is willing to share it ALL. the qualifications for the job is that all the woman has to do is be beautiful. thats it. see, Mickey done sold 'em a dream. and so many of these chicks buy into that shit that they don't realize that it's all "g" until they start to realize what it's really hittin for. and it ain't that swept away on a white stallion shit. best they gone get is a ride to the mote in a white Mustang. there you you go, bitch, horse on the grill and mad horses under the hood.

ain't no dude gonna save you, hun. and the real shit is, what do you need saving from? your own laziness? why don't you wanna work at nothin? then they get mad and jealous at white women, because they look at them and they got it all. but white women put in that extra effort to support they men during they rise to the top. black girls, spanish girls? they criticize you on aything or either complain that your focus on your goals leaves them lonely and thinkin about seekin attention elsewhere. but when you have no focus, they want a man that does!? and then they always say that white men grow up with a deep and healthy respect for white women. in other words, they'll marry 'em quick. ('cept the white baws in Kensington. they on the same shit we are.) and chicks always say, "look at how yall treat us, callin us bitches and hoes". bitch please. see, i use the word bitch on this site frequently because i feel like, to every last one of my females that fuck wit me on this site, that i'm ur nigga, right? like, "Culture, that's my nigga!" so if i'm your nigga, you can definitely be my bitch. right? but niggas in rap music speak for a lot of us when they tell yall what they VALUE. somebody that will stick by a man thru the rough times as well as the good. shit, i dont want nobody that just wanna fuck with me cause i'm up. then u attracted to the shit around me and not to ME. ya unnastand? you don't value ME. and i dont care how many songs dudes sing that praises the women that ride and that have already, then tell u over n over that thats the real shit to a nigga, yall wanna hear what Mickey put in you from way back. so niggas started tellin' you that "you can have whatever you like", and even tho they roll wit a crew called the PIMP Sqaud Click, yall'll still love that nigga to def for lyin to you. just like MIckey. and most of yall'll still have those movies sittin around your 20, 30 somethin year old life somewhere. yall know i ain't lyin. yall wanna wait till somebody show up that got it all together and expect him to find value in YOU? how often has that fairy tale shit happened to an ugly woman? so if it only happens to pretty women, then that man only values your LOOKS. that man is still collecting THINGS for his "kingdom" and u just happen to be a suitable piece of the puzzle. the prince needs a beautiful SHOWPIECE, doesn't he? someone to make HIM look good when HE goes out. then that same dude more than likely is the type that will have other women, because, he's a PRINCE gotdammit. he deserves to have concubines and wenches. and of course he deserves to beat the shit outta you for questioning his authority on these and other matters. he threatens to take it all away if you don't comply wih his wishes. and when ur best homegirl (who is usually ugly and/or fat and leans on you for worth like you do to him) tries to encourage you to leave (cause she usually is real as shit. she has to be. she is not qualified for the fairy tale), you won't go because he makes you feel SECURE. (?) congratulations. you made it.

i mean, i ain't mad at Pimpin Mickey. he gone mash for his rations, and i cain't do nothin but accept it. well, i can actually. i get my daughter away from that game whenever i can. it's tuff cause her mother is turned out on Pimpin' Mickey. she mash for him hard. but thats MY job. she's under MY protection. and i always tell her that she's capable of anything before Mickey starts to tell her she's only qualified for one thing, ya unnastand me? so i ain't gonna hate on Mickey and how he run his, so he damn sure cain't hate on how i run mine, ya dig? cause at all costs, my daughter will always know the difference between a man... and a mouse.

now air it out...

Saturday, July 11, 2009


now a couple of folks (and why yall send me emails instead of leavin comments?) really like how i get down with The Gushie. they say my taste is superb ('cept for homie hatin on Angel Love. but i think he just wanted it known that he seen her up close). my selection comes from a life full of really hot females. well, not always. u know how that Coqui 900 had a nigga! regrets aside, i been pretty good to my dick and it's never let me down (aside from that one time... but i guess it was mad from one of those Coqui 900 nights. paybacks a bitch, or a lack thereof...).

now this is Rosa Acosta and she is the previously cited bad bitch from the Drake video "Best I Ever Had". and she is special. even with the makeup off. and thats when u know a chick is fever. and also when u can see how much u really got to do to get wit it. cuz make up on a good night out can be the extent of how fly she really is. i found that out a couple times. watched them exhaust the couple of good outfits that made them feel ultra. i mean they wittled right down to regular. thats when they start hollerin bout u gettin 'em some clothes cuz they see u treatin 'em different. some of yall ain't gone feel me. this is fly nigga shit. and too much game for free.

but i want to highlight her hustle. cuz from what i understand she hustled her way into a video on the internet, just like Drake. doin videos like these, bloggin, model sites. u know, HUSTLIN'. now u got to admire that. i mean, i wanna see us all get this money. and i ain't hatin on no chick gettin them franklins. shit like that makes them feel better bout themselves. they more likely to have sex then. AGAIN, too much G... i MUST like yall... this that hustle hard for the Drake cake Gushie...

now this stunner is named Eurithmia. and she is all out gorgeous. and she from my part of town. this is what i tell dudes all the time. they don't appreciate whats right under they noses until somebody comes along and see the star quality in 'em, just like somebody did with Rosa.

what makes her so ill for me is her size. cause she so curvy but so small. now i'm a big dude and i cant b fuckin no chicks fat as me. thats like two balloons rubbin. thats an annoyin sound, right? so i like em like this. where we can fit. and it's been my experience that these types love them a big man. and i am. i'm West Indian, ya dig? Dexter St. Jock like a muhfucka... thats right, i said it, i meant it, and i can represent it...

its wild cause both of these ladies are Latina. shit, i dont care. brown is my color. fuck the nationality (no pun intended). i love brown women. what makes Eurithmia extra special is... she'll be visiting my studio as soon as the new spot is finished being built. now, i ain't tryin to insinuate nothin. a lot of people'll be attending the parties i'm gonna throw there. they show for the ones i have now. so what i'm sayin is, is that this is ACCESSIBLE. what ur life like?

this that small waist, gorgeous face my part of town Gushie...

(plus pretty girls are fun as hell, yo...)

Friday, July 10, 2009




when i wrote the blog about my man B-Bill (A PO-LO LIFE), i decided to hit Dallas Penn up to check it out, being as tho he was thoro enuff to mention the passing of my legendary homeboy. i started leaving comments on his blog at, and folks started comin to check the site out. one of 'em was my man Tony Grand$ who told me about a crew he used to run with on the West Coast that was sorta like the Lo-Lifes. so u know i cracked on him to pull my coat, cuz i like to b up on all that official street shit. not cuz i'm nosy, but because i value the history and it's effect on the people of the era and the area who make the moves that make the style that makes the culture. it's all symbiotic. and since i used to run with THE most official Lo-Life niggas ever, the fact that there was a counterpart out where the sun set made my eyes light up. so, without further ado, MR. TONY GRAND$.....

I've always dug New York dudes.

I think deep down, most Cali cats do. There's just something about the symbiotic polarization between the two that one would have no choice but to find the other intriguing. Those who are/have been a part of this Hip Hop culture (as opposed to just spectating) would agree that the semi-present day West Coast influence that eventually invaded NY is the grandson of the NY influence that affected the West in the 90's. It was that brief vacation that Gang-Banging took, around the Golden Era of our beloved culture. For real, back then, a lot of us L.A. niggas wanted to be East Coast cats. Just ask Xzibit.

In 1993, me & my crew were called "The Horsemen", because of the Ralph Lauren Polo logo, of course. All we did was sit at my dude's spot, blaze philly's & listen to NaS, Mobb Deep, Wu & anything else that was hot on the East or affiliated with those dudes. Ice Cube had already made it okay to fuck with the East Coast through "Amerikkka's Most Wanted", so that made it even cooler. Y'all youngsters do know nothing about pre-Eminem Hip Hop. Shit, you couldn't tell me anybody was nicer than Royal Flush & Mic Geranimo back then. We faced ridicule, mockery, shit, even a couple of fights. But we ain't care. These niggas wasn't up on the level of fly that we had ascertained. Camy cargo shorts, unlaced Timbs, any kick Nike dropped that everybody wasn't rocking, football jerseys, fitted hats, backpacks, baggy jeans, & more importantly, all the Polo we could afford (to steal). Those other cats had no idea. They could keep their creased Dickies, Levi's & Converse. Perhaps it was fate, but we even met some NY/Cali transplants who further schooled us on the art of New York City (RIP ReeRee).

We'd heard tales of a similar crew from NY, who we had heard about previously through all the East Coast culture we immersed ourselves in. They were called the Lo-Lifes. We admired what they were about; being fly no matter what. Even if it meant violence &/or jail time. How gangsta is that? They were before our time, but the same ethos still applied.

My high school was L.A.'s infamous Westchester High (alum includes Regina King & Trevor Ariza). Home of the pretty boys (shout out to 2CMob). It was mandatory that we stayed dipped. The rest of the crew went to Inglewood High (alum includes Paul Pierce). Same rules applied there, except they weren't as pretty as us Comets.

While cats out East were boosting, we were racking. We were already experts at petty theft, since we all tagged together since 9th grade anyway. From Pilots to Mean Streaks to Krylon cans, we stayed picking something up. It was this little mom & pop hardware store by the Fox Hills Mall, where dude was either stupid, scared or a touch of both, but they stayed getting got.

Wes/Disom was from the notorious K(ings)W(ith)S(tyle). So, by association, we were Dubs as well. Once taggers started to emulate the gang-bang lifestyle though, we knew we had outgrown riding grill on the RTD & etching office building windows. The Nothing But Trouble Gang was anybody killa's, & they hated anything associated with a K-Dub. I wasn't trying' to catch a slug over hitting' up a bus bench.

Me, Wes, C-Piece, Joshy, Ambush, & Carlos the Mexican would plan our attacks on a friday night, over 40's, stale weed & beedies for the following Saturday morn. Nordstroms at the South Bay Galleria was our spot. 4 exits & an escalator. Them motherfuckers wasn't catching' us! Back then, out in L.A. at least, the upper-scale stores didn't want to bog you down with sensor tags. They figured that young black kids knew better than to come into their stores. Ha! As if. Customer service-minded idiots.

We would stock up on the Polo pull overs, layer up on some khakis & jeans & whoever had the biggest jacket or the quickest legs that day would grab an arm-full of rugby's & break to the '89 Ford Bronco II waiting in the parking lot. Sometimes, we'd grab some Faconnable, Girbaud or Lucky Brand on the way out just because the displays were so neat. Until one day, a security guard got the license plate & informed the Torrance PD about our hustle. After a few hassles from the pig patrol, we know the jig was up. There, anyways. That's when we expanded to Macy's in the Del Amo, which was just as easy but not as exquisite as Nordstroms. Too much security, though. C-Piece got caught once, & his Moms had to go & get him from mall-jail. Dumb ass rent-a-cops never even checked the shirt he was wearing. The nigga STILL came home holding' something'.

We carried on for about 2 years, staying fresher than the duck sauce niggas who waited on their parents' paychecks & tax returns. We never got caught with too much, but we had our fair share of foot chases, which as any 'Lo Head knows, ain't easy in a pair of deck shoes on freshly waxed linoleum.

Once we graduated, cats got jobs & just started buying their clothes, except for Wes. This cat got hired at a Ross in Hollywood, & we'd go pick him up & eventually began to help ourselves while we waited. Needless to say, Ross' Polo is nowhere near Nordstroms', so it wasn't worth the risk, not as grown ass men.

I don't even talk to those dudes anymore like that. Long gone are those days. Occasionally I'll see one of them in traffic, but its nothing more than a 5 minute brag-fest about what our kids are up to. Never do we talk about how we lived the "real" hip hop life for that moment during it's Golden Era; stealing shit, taking drugs, drinking Old English 'til we threw up, defacing public & private property, the endless freestyle sessions. If we do talk about any one specific event, it's the time we snuck into the House of Blues in Hollywood to see Rae & Ghost perform. Sick. These niggas came out in darkness wearing miner's helmets, complete with working lights. A definite throwback to what it is nowadays. Hell, half the time I'm not even quite sure if the "Hip Hop" culture still even exists with these kids today. Or maybe I'm just getting old.

Sometimes I tell my son stories about growing up when it was okay to rebel against the system & shit. When everybody was scared to be the same, as opposed to looking clones & mini-them's on purpose.

Hopefully, I'm not filling his head with nonsense that he'll emulate. But, then again, I guess that wouldn't be so bad after all.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


DALLAS PENN keeps me writing... this in response to an excellent post of his called "Master Plan>>>Blueprint"

excellent post my man. VERY well done. i enjoyed this joint a lot. and learned a couple things too.

but let me tell it from a different perspective…

i received knowledge of self in 1996. i never chose the Nation when it was popular because i never wanted it to seem like i was just a part of a fad (i was in NY when “All For One” dropped). plus, anything, for me to commit to it, has got to resound with truth and clarity to my understanding. i dont fuck with gray areas. how can anyone and call it a solid commitment?

1996 is when i started my stay at an institution of higher learning. it wasn’t Penn State… it was the state penn. and all during that time, me, Teardrop (he EARNED his… not just a tatoo) from the Bronx, K-Real from Ft. Green, Sincere from Queens, and Universal from Brooklyn took the time to grow and to expand mind in dimensions outside of the confines. being an official graff dude, none of that shit Jay was doin was on my radar. i hated all of it. especially Reasonable Doubt, which to me was an attempt to make a Nas/Biggie record. i reasoned it off the same way most people do, that it’s not good for the community and that it is misleading the youth. until i read something one day:

“The champion of the bourgeoisie is the person who can take a simple matter and make it complicated. But the champion of the people, is the person that takes the complicated and makes it simple.”

and that changed my mind about a lot of shit. it is logical to conclude that as many people who will accept the truth are as many as who will reject it. so the course of action that appeals to both sides of the topic is best. in other words, how do you make a person who dont give a shit about the matrix see the need to get out of it? you appeal to a common denominator. and we all want to do better. some of us HAVE to. cuz when u grow up hungry, you do what you gotta to make sure you NEVER go hungry again. and that’s true for every color and creed on earth until someone turns the lights out on this small planet.

thats how i started to take what Jay and others were sayin. like they wasnt sayin, “a healthy portfolio starts with assests and liquidity balanced with calculated risk management in the pursuit of high yield investments”. NAW. they just said, “GET MONEY, NIGGA” ! and since then, our numbers have constantly climbed in the areas of new wealth and positions of power. i mean we, us, HOOD niggas. Jay is constantly covered in Forbes. i read it everyday. so, if you can’t appreciate the message, you got to appreciate the example.

and i aint tryin to hear that the music makes muhfuckas go sell drugs. all the legends in the game was before ALL this shit. when the game was THE GAME was when muhfuckas was talkin that red, black and green (with a KEY, sisseeeee! sorry, had to do it…) from Ricky Ross (the real one), Boy George, Calvin Klein, Aaron Jones, Bucky, Lil Sexo… all that was way before ALL this shit. if we take a bitch that was born ’round those times, we could all fuck her, no R.Kelly cases. see, niggas is livin out fantasies. cuz IT AINT TODAY’S REALITY. all across this this country, CRIME IS DOWN. you still hear about shit poppin. but you always will. positive and negative will always exist. for every preacher, there’s a pimp. and sometimes, there ain’t much difference between the two.

i felt The Blueprint was one of the few modern classics we had. but the irony is that the feel of it is based in the era i just finished speakin about. it’s like he was tellin the story of what was really happenin when most people was screamin “fight the power!”. it felt like a memoir, as most of the songs were written in the past tense. cause most of this drug shit IS past tense. like that concept. he need to go ahead and leave it alone… unless he’s tryin to demonstrate somethin else. blueprints have to do with building. there’s a designer and a stone cutter. 3 degrees to reach master in all disciplines (associate, bachelor, master),.. i think some of yall know what i’m sayin…

now air it out… quietly…

Sunday, July 5, 2009


This post was inspired by Dallas Penn's entry, "Independents Day" on not for nuffin', but i think that dude just might be a real thorobred. not the ones who know how to act when u lookin. i mean that natural shit. that shit u don't have to turn on... but it was the homie Tony Grand$ who made me feel like i should post 'em up here. like the end of "Casablanca"(u ain't hip?!?), i think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship...

first, i wanna say thanks for mentioning my nigga B-Bill in ur blog. that was my man. i wrote about my experiences with him on my blog. follow the link. i quoted ur story in it.

INDEPENDENT. the one thing people say they want, but they actions show otherwise. like a chick’ll say she independent and the next thing she’ll say is she NEED a man in her life. and ur man’ll be like “fuck these bitches!”, and soon as he get a steady piece of pussy, he LOCKED down, usually by his own admission. well, same thing with these dudes in the music industry.

Cuz i don’t know how many times i done heard dudes talk about how they a boss, that they entrepreneurs, that they got they own shit, to just turn around and become an EMPLOYEE of a record company. the minute they SAY they on their own, when the opportunity presents itself, they LOCK in, usually for 7 albums or 10 years, with some next mahfucka. i think it’s hard to be a boss and answer to somebody at the same time. that’s more like upper management. you’re SOMEBODY’S boss. just not your own.

on my blog, i wrote about how Drake would be a fool if he took a label deal. if he is indeed unsigned(?), his career at this point becomes the symbol for success at the get done by yourself level. at least it’s the most visible. cause niggas act like dudes form the south ain’t important. like Luke sellin a million records REALLY on his own wasn’t shit. or 3-6 Mafia. or James Prince. or the dudes you never heard of that are puttin 15 grand of REAL money into a 76 Chevy, as we speak, while you lookin good on credit and leases. and strugglin to keep up payments.

i became aware of Afro Punk watchin my homegirl Santigold develop into the amazing artist she is today. it was one of her first bands. but anything that moves away from the dinosaur that is the music biz is good with me. see, if all the majors were all located in America, they’d be subject to all types of anti-trust violations. they comprise what’s called a CARTEL, cause the 5 majors set the price, the structure and the tone for the entire industry. whether u like it or not. thats why they can give out deals that amount to usury, wrap u up in debt ’til Jesus come back, and give out these 360 deals that really just say… you’re my bitch.

these dudes can have this high school shit. cuz really, they in a rush to be POPULAR. but my old timer told me a long time ago, that fame without fortune, is a backwards hustle.

now air it out…


this post was inspired by Bol's blog entry, "Best Cans I Ever Saw" at it was in response to in part, of course, the women who had a negative reaction to this vid. and my opinion of it, of course...

you know, the funny thing is, u niggas KEEP listenin to these bitches like they ever said anything interesting past “i’m horny”.

the video is weak. the women are fly. (specially mami, 2nd up the steps after the mascot dunks. VICIOUS.) but i’m not gonna give it a pass cuz of the ass. for the baw to solidify his position, he really needs to make good decisions. at this point, he’s become the symbol that artistry is enuff to rise in the ranks. i guess he can just make good songs. cuz the video is trash. trash with sugar on it.

but what kills me is the women who time and time again say the same run down political spiel bout women being worth more than looks. then u see them with a tight shirt with the top 4 buttons undone, skirt 4″ above the knee on the news talkin bout “look me in the eye!”. or they tend to b butt ugly, and use intelligence as a factor to give their ugly asses value. which is really just them reactin to the pretty bitch in the room. just like in high school. the pain never really fades away.

heres the other end of it… who paid for the video? Lil Wayne? but Drake’s UNSIGNED right? Kanye directed for free? custom made costumes? and i know them gorgeous bitches ain’t do shit for free. so who paid for it? unless Drake got an ill trust fund (he is half Jewish), or a generous benefactor, i think 50 just might be right.

so BOOOOO to the video (’cept previously cited bad bitch). all it did was make me go to Tube8, where i can REALLY enjoy seein’ some tits and ass…

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