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Saturday, July 11, 2009


now a couple of folks (and why yall send me emails instead of leavin comments?) really like how i get down with The Gushie. they say my taste is superb ('cept for homie hatin on Angel Love. but i think he just wanted it known that he seen her up close). my selection comes from a life full of really hot females. well, not always. u know how that Coqui 900 had a nigga! regrets aside, i been pretty good to my dick and it's never let me down (aside from that one time... but i guess it was mad from one of those Coqui 900 nights. paybacks a bitch, or a lack thereof...).

now this is Rosa Acosta and she is the previously cited bad bitch from the Drake video "Best I Ever Had". and she is special. even with the makeup off. and thats when u know a chick is fever. and also when u can see how much u really got to do to get wit it. cuz make up on a good night out can be the extent of how fly she really is. i found that out a couple times. watched them exhaust the couple of good outfits that made them feel ultra. i mean they wittled right down to regular. thats when they start hollerin bout u gettin 'em some clothes cuz they see u treatin 'em different. some of yall ain't gone feel me. this is fly nigga shit. and too much game for free.

but i want to highlight her hustle. cuz from what i understand she hustled her way into a video on the internet, just like Drake. doin videos like these, bloggin, model sites. u know, HUSTLIN'. now u got to admire that. i mean, i wanna see us all get this money. and i ain't hatin on no chick gettin them franklins. shit like that makes them feel better bout themselves. they more likely to have sex then. AGAIN, too much G... i MUST like yall... this that hustle hard for the Drake cake Gushie...

now this stunner is named Eurithmia. and she is all out gorgeous. and she from my part of town. this is what i tell dudes all the time. they don't appreciate whats right under they noses until somebody comes along and see the star quality in 'em, just like somebody did with Rosa.

what makes her so ill for me is her size. cause she so curvy but so small. now i'm a big dude and i cant b fuckin no chicks fat as me. thats like two balloons rubbin. thats an annoyin sound, right? so i like em like this. where we can fit. and it's been my experience that these types love them a big man. and i am. i'm West Indian, ya dig? Dexter St. Jock like a muhfucka... thats right, i said it, i meant it, and i can represent it...

its wild cause both of these ladies are Latina. shit, i dont care. brown is my color. fuck the nationality (no pun intended). i love brown women. what makes Eurithmia extra special is... she'll be visiting my studio as soon as the new spot is finished being built. now, i ain't tryin to insinuate nothin. a lot of people'll be attending the parties i'm gonna throw there. they show for the ones i have now. so what i'm sayin is, is that this is ACCESSIBLE. what ur life like?

this that small waist, gorgeous face my part of town Gushie...

(plus pretty girls are fun as hell, yo...)


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