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Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Mickey Mouse is evil. now before you think i'm on some bugged out shit, peep. cause what i'm talkin about ain't got nothin to do with Mickey runnin around eatin people and knockin down buildings. matter of fact, let me put it different; Mickey Mouse is a pimp.

i mean, think about it. he has a bottom bitch. Minnie. but you rarely see her. she be off doin special shit. all his other hoes get his money; Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella. he got a jawn into kinky stuff, Beauty they call her, that will even sleep with a Beast, and a real piece of fish named The Little Mermaid. but as we all know, a pimp is only good as his action at a bitch. in other words, he got to constantly be at new prospects for the game in order to maintain in it. and Mickey is constantly spittin game at your daughter and mine.

a lot of these chicks have so much trouble with their adult relationships because of the game Mickey put on "em when they was little. got 'em all thinkin that there will be a day when some Prince will swoop in to save 'em and take care of them, and all they have to do is wait. the Prince already got his AND he is willing to share it ALL. the qualifications for the job is that all the woman has to do is be beautiful. thats it. see, Mickey done sold 'em a dream. and so many of these chicks buy into that shit that they don't realize that it's all "g" until they start to realize what it's really hittin for. and it ain't that swept away on a white stallion shit. best they gone get is a ride to the mote in a white Mustang. there you you go, bitch, horse on the grill and mad horses under the hood.

ain't no dude gonna save you, hun. and the real shit is, what do you need saving from? your own laziness? why don't you wanna work at nothin? then they get mad and jealous at white women, because they look at them and they got it all. but white women put in that extra effort to support they men during they rise to the top. black girls, spanish girls? they criticize you on aything or either complain that your focus on your goals leaves them lonely and thinkin about seekin attention elsewhere. but when you have no focus, they want a man that does!? and then they always say that white men grow up with a deep and healthy respect for white women. in other words, they'll marry 'em quick. ('cept the white baws in Kensington. they on the same shit we are.) and chicks always say, "look at how yall treat us, callin us bitches and hoes". bitch please. see, i use the word bitch on this site frequently because i feel like, to every last one of my females that fuck wit me on this site, that i'm ur nigga, right? like, "Culture, that's my nigga!" so if i'm your nigga, you can definitely be my bitch. right? but niggas in rap music speak for a lot of us when they tell yall what they VALUE. somebody that will stick by a man thru the rough times as well as the good. shit, i dont want nobody that just wanna fuck with me cause i'm up. then u attracted to the shit around me and not to ME. ya unnastand? you don't value ME. and i dont care how many songs dudes sing that praises the women that ride and that have already, then tell u over n over that thats the real shit to a nigga, yall wanna hear what Mickey put in you from way back. so niggas started tellin' you that "you can have whatever you like", and even tho they roll wit a crew called the PIMP Sqaud Click, yall'll still love that nigga to def for lyin to you. just like MIckey. and most of yall'll still have those movies sittin around your 20, 30 somethin year old life somewhere. yall know i ain't lyin. yall wanna wait till somebody show up that got it all together and expect him to find value in YOU? how often has that fairy tale shit happened to an ugly woman? so if it only happens to pretty women, then that man only values your LOOKS. that man is still collecting THINGS for his "kingdom" and u just happen to be a suitable piece of the puzzle. the prince needs a beautiful SHOWPIECE, doesn't he? someone to make HIM look good when HE goes out. then that same dude more than likely is the type that will have other women, because, he's a PRINCE gotdammit. he deserves to have concubines and wenches. and of course he deserves to beat the shit outta you for questioning his authority on these and other matters. he threatens to take it all away if you don't comply wih his wishes. and when ur best homegirl (who is usually ugly and/or fat and leans on you for worth like you do to him) tries to encourage you to leave (cause she usually is real as shit. she has to be. she is not qualified for the fairy tale), you won't go because he makes you feel SECURE. (?) congratulations. you made it.

i mean, i ain't mad at Pimpin Mickey. he gone mash for his rations, and i cain't do nothin but accept it. well, i can actually. i get my daughter away from that game whenever i can. it's tuff cause her mother is turned out on Pimpin' Mickey. she mash for him hard. but thats MY job. she's under MY protection. and i always tell her that she's capable of anything before Mickey starts to tell her she's only qualified for one thing, ya unnastand me? so i ain't gonna hate on Mickey and how he run his, so he damn sure cain't hate on how i run mine, ya dig? cause at all costs, my daughter will always know the difference between a man... and a mouse.

now air it out...


Co mothafuckin sign.

U left it all on the court, sir.

Hell yeah I can appreciate that. These lil girls grow up chasin a fantasy & don't understand why they end up the "beauty" with the "beast". The beast takes those shattered, letfover dreams & has his way, further fuelin the bullshit life she allowed Mickey to push her into. Shit gets deep.

But, I see a lot of Dads steppin their father game up, so hopefully we can put Mickey on his back. We just have to getpassed this wave of current bullshit ass grown women walking around more worried about their weaves than their children. We gotta start schoolin these young dudes to, they chasin Minnie, but that bitch aint nowhere to be found. They end up with Ursula, hypnotized by the tail.
I believe this whole shit starts wit the man. If we can reel the children back in, away from the nonsense, including their own corrupted mothers, then in 20 years shit might start to get back on track.

That's what's up. Really though.

Good drop.

Fam, you are from the future. That is all I'ma say right now. If the people at Marvel had read this drop before they consummated their deal with the rat maybe that might would'a thought twice.

Stay ice cold pimpin'.

Straight goods, no curves whatsoever. Spit the real, yo. Da Mouse be sellin unreal, escapist fantasies, straight up. No way my daughter or yourn be livin "happily ever after". Best teach em to set goals and hustle for them. Even if they don't reach em, they be right and tight for the next time.

dam, im late! thanks DP. that means a lot comin from u my dude! game recognize game. thats why most of these dudes go unnoticed...

and good looks also rep truth. look forward to hearin from u in the future.

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