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Thursday, August 6, 2009


i don't get it. i don't understand women sometimes.

naw, let me swallow that. i think i understand them pretty good. i guess i'm constantly amazed at the shit that they do. like the videos circulating of Pun's wife Liza speakin on her current condition. it seems she's homeless and has taken to blaming Fat Joe for her misfortunes. he ONLY gave her $120,000. for most people, thats like 4 or 5 years pay at around $20/22,000 a year. thats ALL she got.

i don’t know how much i gotta get on here and say that these chicks need some guidance in their lives! i swear. because a properly coached female in a CLEARLY advantageous position is capital all day. in other words, if she was under the proper guidance,
a phone call to Joe
to explain the situation
to suggest a solution in the form of
a) a mixtape
b) a reissue of Capital Punishment or
c) a remix album with the cats that used to fuck wit Pun from producers to rappers, to be sold,
that says on it “to support Big Pun and his widow and his children”
would’ve been a SOLUTION. instead she’s chosen, and Latinos forgive me if i type it wrong, BONCHINCHE. thats gossip, slander, like in a slimy way. and at the one sureshot solution she got to her current dilemma.

i sure hope she ain’t thinkin “book”. cause abuse and abandonment are played out. Oprah don’t even book that shit no more. and as much as i love Pun, his impact is not that far reaching to secure big numbers. WE love him. but i don’t think the abused and abandoned bitch in Des Moines is gonna give a fuck. so what a Latino man beat his wife? they were raised to think they wasn’t shit from first of all.

what kills me is the seemingly universal concept that women have of going against the grain. and then expecting men to respect how they make decisions. (?) cause anybody that attacks their ally in the face of battle that they’re losing is a FOOL. i mean no disrespect to Pun’s widow. this is somethin i see a LOT of women do. and a lot will STILL have the nerve to ask you for help AFTER THEY ARE FINISHED ATTACKING YOU. as if nothing happened. it’s in those times is when i thank my dad for the genetic material he passed on that enables me to grab a good portion of myself whereas to demonstrate what can be done with a mouth like that.

death is always a sad issue. i’ve been to 56 funerals in my life between Philly and New York. one thing that i know, and i don’t mean to sound callous, but if you gonna get some money outta niggas for the family of the deceased, do it fast. cause niggas WILL forget. and as the grief fades away like daylight when the night comes, folks tend to get back to what matters to THEM. and Pun matters to people. so her solution is to SPOIL that memory in the minds of people? and then expect to collect on that legacy? i don’t see where you can say you really thought that out.

i wrote an entry on this site called “Who’s The Mack?” detailing my theory of where this mindstate originates in women. cause any woman that catch an ass whoopin wit a gun butt and wake up in the same house with that nigga the next day has ACCEPTED that treatment in her life. stop making men the root of all yall problems because that ONE man, your daddy, didnt perform HIS duty. and perform yours.

cause the kids are blameless. and they gotta eat. whether it be poyo, or pizza in the middle of little Italy…

UPDATE Aug 6: Joe feels the same way


What in tarnation?! Pun's ridiculous widow bet not be the reason you dropped by propertalks to ask if Angela and I have daddy issues among other things! LOL...I assure you that the ass-backwards action of shitting on someone and then expecting them to help you is not the mark of a woman. It is the mark of a child, maybe you're just around too many childlike women ;)


Funny, my (alleged) baby mom stay treating me like HER OTHER BABY DADDY (I'm sure you see that right there, Cult!) & always wants a dude to grab the moon & deliver the shit on a platter. Defaming my character as often as she can, then I'm supposed to do for her. FOH with that shit. No guidance, & she ain't my child, so I refuse to teach her shit. All that head bumping may knock some sense into it. Doubtful, though. Some of these broads are still chasing Mickey Mouse. Need to get a library card & learn a few things about the sun, moon, stars & quasars! But, we've discussed things of this nature. Keep icing the cake for these people, cat!

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