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Friday, August 7, 2009


all week over at, there was guest blogger named Shakur. She was the chick from the Drake video, "The Best I Ever Had" ("All you ever taught us was how to stretch!"). she was a total bomb all week, insulting the commenters, who didnt want to hear shallow media friendly stories and weak and feeble attempts to sound like she is an active participant in the culture, while calling it a "commodity" as well as a "branding" tool. poor girl. like so many others. misguided and undecided. and that goes for you dudes as well.

i was initially gonna get in her ass. but i figured i layed into her pretty good over there. cause in my house, if i lay into her ass, it got to be literally.

i mean it's just like so many things we deal wit in life. men aren't good fathers because they haven't experienced one. women aren't good partners because they've grown up watching their mother's go at it alone. kids in the hood choose crime because they don't see the successful lawyers in Benzes. they move away. they see drug dealer in Benzes, and that's what success look like. same thing with this rap shit. i'm not even gonna go into HIP HOP. cause that's more than this rap shit. and more than most of yall give a shit about.

i came across this video and had to post it so that it can be a reminder to those that don't know what it feels to be appreciated for your SKILL. not your chart placement or your guest appearances, but just for how good you are. look at how these dudes have appreciation for each other, even tho their approach is different. cause it's supposed to be. and for those haven't seen it and to those that remember it, this is hip hop...



Good looking on that visual. Always need a reminder of what it was to gauge what it is.

That's why the deceptive hits on Shakur's blogging will cause a buzz, yet once it is researched, will prove to be a fatal wound.

Besides Illseed caught something else she said that urges a WTF?

Now I see why she defended the "hoe" attribute early. It was already given to her in her workplace.

$ykotic Don McCaine

good lookin homie. i like ur style. get at me!

Good shit, Cult. We all need a reminder.

As fas as Shakur, I don't think she even read our comments. I read the whole debacle of what she called a blog, & it seemed like niggas were arguing with a mannequin. Might as well have been....

dopee shxtt

follow me

ill returnn thee favorr;;)

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