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Monday, October 26, 2009


whats good? man, my writing thing has a taken a hit considerin all the real life drama movin at a a faster rate around me. drama with the baby mother and as a result, i have my daughter now. and thats a blessing. but there's a lot of restructuring that i wasnt ready for. then there's the studio... don't let me start with the shit with the zoning board.. cause if they read my blog (the url is on my outgoing emails), i dont wanna piss nobody off!

makes me wish i had another me, justs sittin around, ready to take direction, full of the same vision and character that i embody. but then again, i'd rather have another person who was NOT me. someone who could fill in the blanks, who was as resourceful and took the positions that would juxtapose against my weaknesses. it'd be great to have another person share your vision and move out on it. not like i wanna son somebody. but if you don't have a plan and i do, then why not ride out on mine? i know me. i'd move out for the induividual that i considered quaified. see, i consider myself a good general. but every good general started off as a great soldier. therefore, i dont have a problem takin orders.

it just seems that if a person notices progress or refinement in another individual, they develop that unhealthy sense of competition. especially when girls come around. then theres that person who actually wants to insist that what you're doing to accomplish YOUR vision is wrong. and Jah no, if u are younger than the other person, FORGET IT. they feel as tho that the years they spent on the earth is qualification enough. and it's usually the rational they use for tryin to tell u stuff to make u second guess yourself. but where are your real qualifications, dude? i mean, what have you DONE? don't tell me what you've HEARD. at this point, the only thing you can tell me is what NOT to do. straight up.

so when u start to earn enough to pay people and those people are close to you, then we have a different dynamic at play. cause now that person thinks that the personal friendship weighs into the professional one. me, i'll fire my brother. but it never ceases to amaze me how folks tend to think that everything thats wrong with their life at the moment should find it's resolution with YOU. as if their inability to deliver aint why we havin the discussion in the first place. and why they last boss fired 'em and why you thought you'd help 'em out. i'm just sick of the crybaby shit.

so, then is the iron fist the way to administrate? how does an enterprising individual build his/her enterprise?

that's it. thought i had some witty ending like ususal? i'm stuck! i know i'm gonna have to make a decision soon. i'll holla at yall about it then...



I'm a humble dude, don't mind playing my part, but I guess that's becoming a dying breed..

"Too many chefs spoil the food".

I don't think I should have to go after my goals all alone. But, it's hard when cats have THEIR best interest @ heart.

I'd much rather ride the wave, playing my position. I don't even ask my "homies" for advice, unless it's not directly related to them. Otherwise, I can't trust them to be honest. But, like they say, if you want something done right...."

Cult you know self comes 1st. If you ain't strong your team ain't gonna be strong. You can't show weakness at the top.

But you can display passion. That gains followers.

Some friends will get lazy & front on you. Other friends with vision will walk with you.

Bottom Line.



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