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Sunday, November 22, 2009


this shit is fly! not because im on any side of the coin. i dont know them dudes to be commentin on they business. but as the leader of my crew, i try my best to make sure we all eat. but i try to make sure we all do our best work, whatever level we may be at. now, my wolves are NOT consulted on an everyday basis. and when i do go see 'em, i bring them meat.

so this video is not meant to support either side of the coin. i can say in my own experience that i never let wolves starve. for food or for attention. cause hunger will ALWAYS redefine ur morals. and ur loyalty.

its just funny. thats all...


Yo, Cult !

This is the funniest shit I ever saw coming from this situation. It's sad 'cause I love em both, but this is effin' funny !

Chill Wills! whats good! glad u stopped thru!

Any time I can, fam! The X-spot is more like a place where we be's at most of the time, but when I get more time, I stop thru (same with Grands). All those different insights keep this thing alive, fam, keep up the good work !

'preciate that my man. knowin ur comin thru makes me have to step it up. not the quality, i mean, how do you make silk silkier? (jk, but it sounds fly, right?) i mean frequency. so we can vibe more. (i hope u caught that, cause i hate to think i just amuse myself...)

Hunger is the key element to survival. & somebody is always hungry somewhere. What part of the food chain is a nigga on?
That's the million dollar question.

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