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Wednesday, January 6, 2010


this year, we gonna stop acceptin shit. i mean, we gone start callin niggas wack. at least around here. and i aint gonna hide behind the screen. thats my picture right there in the right hand column. niggas can get on that ol' school Prodigy shit and approach a nigga if they want to. i'm a North Philly nigga that grew up between Brooklyn and the Bronx. make sure u step to me for real.

i mean, its really for the artists benefit tho. i mean these dudes aint heard the term wack enough. they couldnt have and still turn in this shit. i mean my nigga $yk said the funny shit about Gucci comin home and shuttin Wacka Flocka down. its true. cause in degrees of corny, Gucci is a lesser degree of corny than the baw. but somebody shoulda told that nigga that his name was WACK. its WACKA than a whole FLOCKA shit out now. but niggas done got so far gone, that they will accept this shit. i mean in the current crop of shit, Vanilla Ice, as a name, got flavor (i didnt mean that, but the double meanin is fly, right?)

then im gonna call the swag shit dead. cause it seems to me that these niggas call havin swag ACTIN'. and the one that acts the best has the most swag. as most niggas'll tell u, on the east coast anyway, swag is a jailhouse term for food, most of the time a sandwich that a nigga done smuggled back to the blocks in prison. dont describe me as roast beef on rye, my nigga. i'm the animal the meat came from, feel me? and i aint really wit all that LYIN and shit. cause me, myself, im a geek. i like Star Trek (i would bang every green bitch Kirk did), i fuck with comic books (the John Byrne/Chris Claremont X-Men is the absolute GOAT), im a graffiti writer (look for more coverage) shit, one of the best where i'm from. but i also did close to 5 years in the joint, and used to rock on a spot that made close to a million dollars a month. there's a whole lot of other shit regardin me, but the future will tell that story. what im sayin is, is THATS ME. i dont expect nobody to b like me. shiiiit, the way i feel about myself, i'd get to heaven and tell Jesus to get the fuck out my seat. but that just me tho'. be ur fuckin self. if u got to turn who u are on and off, nine out a dime, YOU ARE A LIAR.

not here. not this year.

we gone concentrate on all the fly shit. whatever is fly shit, we gone co-sign it. and the wack shit is gonna get called that. cause thats what made all the golden eras fly. niggas wanted to avoid being wack at all costs. so they sat up in the crib and got it right. now, its like my youngbaw told me, all the real niggas are out doin real shit. the niggas wit time on their hands to go write n develop usually is the ones that get a deal. and these them dudes that suppose. the dudes that really tell it like it aint. these the dudes with all the swag.

the definition of a real nigga does not equate to bein a criminal. word to Tony Grands. a real nigga is just that. real about his shit. real about hisself. and ifn a mothafucka gone do some exaggeratin, make it plain that it is. dont claim it as your life. entertain. see, i cant listen to a nigga lyin all day. but i love to hear them niggas shoot the shit. if u cant relate, ask a real nigga to elaborate.

i'll be here everyday this week and alternatin weekends.

now air it out....


Word is bond! Everything has an instruction booklet. How to use it, maintain it, and troubleshoot it. This music thing is no different.

Peep the #'s drop over @ the X-spot. That's the new one coming...


Realest shit I've read all week.

Extra, extra points for the pic & directions to your haven. Get's no realer, my dude.

Co-sign every word typed...

It's time for cats to be real, starting with themselves. It's starts on the inside, it works it way out. Not that I need to tell you that, but who knows who's reading right now...

Thanks for the compliment, mayne. It's deeper than blog(s).

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