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Tuesday, January 5, 2010


my nigga $yk b holdin me down! so when he dropped this joint on the most elusive animal in rap, the female MC, i had no choice but to acknowledge the need to acknowledge it. ride wit my man as he tracks down the whereabouts of this elusive creature....

So I’m checking out the new song by Keri Hilson featuring Nicki Minaj, zoning off of the Kush, and something Culture said yesterday is registering in my mental:

“I’ll be the one in the room treatin a bad bitch like she regular”.

Word is bond it’s like that. It isn’t like I can’t pull the biddies, but if you are extra with it home girl, expect me to give you no shine in any shape, form or fashion. Men do the knowledge on how this type of action gets them!

So seriously, I’m listening to the irritating voice and verse conjured up by Minaj (just like every other verse done by her) and I’m thinking, “where are the wisdoms at”? The women who have rocked the mic all these years in the rap game? Not the biddies, the women?

Even though the biddies are eye candy, let’s keep it 100. Minaj, Trina, and Shawnna are all Lil’ Kim clones. Since I grew up in the “no biting allowed” era, they get no play in my universe of music. Foxy Brown bit a little bit of Kim’s style, but Fox Boogie has/had a rap flow. Let’s take a minute to do the knowledge:

Give it up to one of the pioneers: Sha Rock

She must be included in female GOAT convos: MC Lyte

With this one I’m cheating. Two ladies. Lyte and Missy:

Can never forget the Queen:


Heather B

I met this woman. I get hyped once her voice is heard:

And someone please go get this woman! Peace to my dude Khrysis on the beat:

See what I did? No tit-tays and sh*t? All female emcees!

Where the f**** are they at? Where are the wisdoms that will take the baton and do justice? Put Minaj, Trina, Shawnna, Diamond against these women and the latter list would be done. Finished! Believe me I know I didn’t mention plenty of women. Yo-Yo, The Lady Of Rage, Eve (Ruff Ryder days), Monie Love, I can keep the list going but you get where I’m coming from.

Someone please find these wisdoms. I’m tired of these soft porn female rappers. Challah Back!

Kibblez & Bitz:

Anyone else amazed at how Red Café’s buzz died right after he signed with Bad Boy?

Bet you Waka Flocka Flame’s career dies once Gucci comes home.

If Nah Right had a print publication XXL would be ringing the death knell. Step it up people!

The $ykotic Don McCaine


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another banger! i mean Jean Grae is gravy to these potat-hoes! i mean she is just ab MC. no need to even mention her sex. n Bahamadia is pure butter on it. and shit, Hurricane G. i aint even thought of sis in a minute. good work, my nigga!

and 'for real!" with Red Cafe, and 'ur probably right' about Nah Right. i refuse to comment on a nigga named Waka Flocka...

Word, wacka flacka flocka, whatever dudes name is....can't even speak on him.

One reason the ladies aren't present though, is rampant bithcassness. Niggas acting like hoes so much, the girls feel their positions are unnecessary these days.

I get tired of the swordfights...I can appreciate the feminine touch [>]. Even when it was tomboyish.

But all things move in circles, so perhaps that piece of history will repeat itself.

My homies! Good looking on the forums.

I threw the Wacka dude in to the wolves because I peeped that "Bingo" single. Scott Storch gave Gucci a fire beat, and when SOULJAH BOY has the best verse you gotta admit defeat. Wacka is living up to his moniker.

But I got that Jean Grae on repeat. It reminded me I have like 30 beats on ice from Khrysis in my yahoo account.


I woke up this morning reading this. Had a brother running late !! Damn, the need for thoroughbred femcees are a must nowadays. It's fucked up that they are now regulated to the Underground circuit while wackness is running rampant. Hearing Bahamadia lately is the reason why I brought Statik Select's shit !! Lyte can still spit and no need to mention Jean Grae, she's just incredible !! Spit's harder than most of her male counterparts and on a regular basis. Sorry to say but the Lil Kim and Foxy Brown soiled the game. Missy tried to bring it back but one isn't enough.

@ C75B

"Sorry to say but the Lil Kim and Foxy Brown soiled the game"

To keep it 100, they were just emulating this person:


I agree with most of this, but you're sleeping on Shawnna. She's the eye candy but she can out-rhyme most niggas. She's been beastin since Infamous Syndicate.


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