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Sunday, January 24, 2010

$YKOTIC QUICKSTRIKE: Book Of Eli>>>>>Avatar

Whatcha doing this weekend? Is it on and popping fresh dough? Dead ass? Knowledge is for free so you should be bountiful in that aspect.

I likes my sci-fi (fux the new spelling) but I deal in reality. In Brooklyn, NY there was this movie theatre, The Commodore, right off of Broadway, at the base of the Williamsburg Bridge. They used to have the 2 movies for $5 special and you could burn in there and smuggle your 40’s and munchies. I’m talking fresh new movies, no repeats. It ain’t fly like that anymore practically anywhere (but there’s a drive in over here in OR), so I will reminiscence over that. But that got me in the habit of going to see a movie, even if I was alone. Like you can’t bag one at the flicks.

SHOULD be able to bag one anywhere you’re at.

So hell yeah I went to see “Eli”. Dead afternoon and I caught the matinee special for $4. Provide my novelties and I’m good. But what I didn’t expect was the visual to everything I have been saying and stating. Burn 1, or 2, or whatever you do, and make sure you check this one out. This is the one you need to see, but of course with everything else going on right now it wouldn’t be a surprise if you missed it, that’s why it was released in January from the door. If the funds make you not the one, watch it online. It’s there if you have faith in the information superhighway. Disclaimer says I never stated DL’d.

The forum is open…

The $ykotic Don McCaine


Awwww $yk, you shoulda went in. I was curious to hear your perspective.

The homie Phlip didn't spoil it,, but he kinda went it.

Regardless, I'm going to see this flick, even if it's on DVD. Hopefully Blu-ray by that time, though.

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