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Sunday, February 7, 2010


First off, study that picture. Take a couple of tokes, get your psychedelic on, whatever you need to concentrate. You have to stare at the sun to see the planets closest to it, then you can appreciate the accuracy of this picture.

Yes, also the trajectory of the other planet. The one acting like a belt to help crank our universe. The one most don’t acknowledge. Where do those people go when that planet is going around the sun? That planet must have the Wolverine “adamantium” ores on it to be able to withstand that type of heat, and that type of cold when it makes it’s run through the dark sides of space. Wouldn’t it have had to crash or had a close call with one of those planets down there one time or another? Pushpin that thought.
Everybody loves the sun. The radiant, golden rays of light, the universe’s money. Without it the universe falls off. Planets will crumble and float helplessly in space without the sun’s light and gravitational pull. That other planet, which goes against the grain doing a figure 8, would travel to it’s other point in outer space and stay there, unless it’s within our solar system, caught up with us in the drama. There would be no gravity to pull it back towards us if the sun wasn’t around, and that planet would stay around what’s causing it to spin back to us, a dead sun. Now I’m not even going to get into the climate change (see that?) this planet causes when it comes to town, but put it like this, the Atlantic Ocean would be the largest ocean on Earth, the sun would rise in the west, the magnetic poles would change their position, so take a moment on that visual and also try to imagine the Earth’s crust making the plates re-shuffle the deck.

Understand that this has been on major broadcasting TV.
We have been having “objects” lately flying by the Earth a little too often for my taste.

Often on the western part of this continent of North America, even as recent as some weeks ago, I can see the sun AND the moon in the sky. Even as early as 1 o’clock in the afternoon! And I do remember sometime over the summer in ’09, there was this red orb in the sky as clear as day (Mars?). At night I can see the constellations just as well as the headlights in the street, so take heed that I am not delusional in any way, shape, form, or fashion. The big city streets of NY have me trained to do the knowledge to what’s surrounding me. You may walk into something you may or cannot get out of being unaware. The missile shot at the moon (which by the way, was for what reason?) and the strange moon colors give room and food for thought.
Now I don’t know if you know this story on that island, but you should keep it in mind. Coincidence plays a major part just as much as the players do, because the G7 forgiving a billion dollar debt sounds suspect, especially when they all have money issues. Change is happening all around us. Everywhere. I know that we must deal with our responsibilities or what have you within our own individual existence on this planet, but the universe is talking to us, talking about us. Even within my small existence of life I have noticed the change in climate and conditions. We are in dire straits, and to be honest, I don’t expect many to believe, I expect many to chastise and deny. The conspiracy is the suppression of knowledge and not the relevancy of slandered information.

There was a movie that was just out named after the next two years of our yearly calendar, but it was dwarfed by the other movie that’s the largest cinematic brainwash of all time. You should grab the DVD of the aforementioned movie when it comes out, not the heavy religious version that is all over the ‘net. I have never seen a disaster movie where the constituents were warned of an incoming threat at the earliest moment (panic?) but were only informed at the last moments, to try and secure any futile means of survival, so I see no difference with this practice in reality. Those Indian guys have been right all along, I don’t want my emotions of wishing this isn’t gonna happen cloud the reality.

The universe is calling, you might want to pick this call up. It just left a message with the latest Hubble telescope view.

The $ykotic Don McCaine



magnetic poles-

broadcast tv-

story on island-

Hubble view-

I know this is a big time post but I am going to have to read it a few times to catch everything. I'm not going to give up. I know theres knowledge in them there posts. I just recently heard about this stuff about the sky falling down and ish but I don't understand it. Folks are digging out spots to chill out at underground so that would make sense? How the f you supposed to figure all of it out.

on another topic. have you read any of dude named Greene I think books? The dude who just wrote 50 cents 50 laws of power or something. people say he is the best author of our time. one book named art of seduction (No Mo) and 48 laws of something or other are supposed to be serious. I am going to check library then may have to buy em if can't get em for free. Just wondering if you read him.

@ Anon

Robert Greene? Have heard but have not read. But yes this drop is one to think about and study, that's why I made sure to include the links. The Hubble pics co-sign the universal picture I posted. We can't forget about nature because of our problems and responsibilities with civilization, and the crazy weather is reference. If you do the mathematical equation to the Hubble picture you can estimate that this "comet" is in a space where it would come close to us by that year that is in question...

got it. good looking. i see the football smiling and the title of that post too. cold.

We have to dig for gold...unless we consume commercially...

I peeped awhile ago when i first started thinking about it that our boys are scheduled to come home in a little less than 2 years. I was like why we need em back then. everything just going to be straight over there all the sudden at that time.

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