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Thursday, February 4, 2010


^ They look like duck boots. Adidas is trying to step their urban division game up. Check them out at HYPERLINK "" kicksonfire.

One thing I was always told by my parents is that you should always have a good pair of shoes. Better yet multiple pairs of good shoes. Cheap shoes do nothing but destroy your feet, bottom line. Wearing the same shoes doesn’t allow the shoes to dry, with sweat, rain, snow constantly trapped in the sole. Imagine that walking on your carpet while you get your sock stroll on. And always putting on new shoes also is not a good thing, unless it’s to fuel your vanity. Just like you leave an impression in the sand, you leave one in your shoe. It bends, strikes, and stretches to the form of your own two, so realistically when we should know width sizes and insole alteration methods, we stuff our feet in commercial cuts of cloth, sizing many cannot adhere to.

Welcome to your bunions, corns, and calluses. This is why many wealthy people have their shoes customized. Not only because they got it like that, but it’s quality that fits them only for years to come. Youngin’s take notes. Custom made shoes, not just custom colors. Leathers, soles, stitching contrast schemes, the works, for your feet only.

Since it’s Winter MMX, Here are some boots that I think you may wanna snatch up for the ugliness that is the Winter Solstice. Some of them are good closet staples, that one pair you won’t need to replace anytime soon.

With some cords, a golf shirt, a button-up and a sweater for that layered look you best believe you will smell the hatred. HYPERLINK "" Polo FTW.

Now whoever out there has a military style heather gray wool coat, a pea-coat or a clean leather can appreciate these. Red Wing boots have outlasted some people’s families. If you can find them in the colors (red & a pumpkin color are floating around as well) get them. They are worth the loot. HYPERLINK "" Believe that.

Do I need to say anything about these? Maybe that these construction boots are part of the HYPERLINK "" Yele series.

I have copped these like 3 times in my life. Used to scuff the hell out of them but they were comfy as hell, rocking them with sweats and a North Face bubble coat and I was good for the NYC cold on the block. HYPERLINK "" Vasque gets the OG nod.

HYPERLINK "" My 9-5 brethren do not look right wearing the constructions to work. Cheese boots do not look cool in the office all day with polyester slacks on (and I will be going there with the clothing), cop these homie. Those salt stains look horrible at the club and the manager’s meeting and those shoes have your toes one step anyway from frostbite. Make the investment, you won’t be sorry.

Tweeds, wools, jeans go good with these. These work well for those after work or getting together nights, and there’s no shame in dressing up on the weekends. But some of you may not be able to get away with the Frye distressed look boot until HYPERLINK "" casual Friday.

To be honest I actually like slip on boots like these. Easy to put on, and the suede gives the boots a unique look when you have the wool and leather coats on. HYPERLINK "" Blundstone has been around for over a century. Got to be a reason why.

HYPERLINK "" \l "/products/shoes/allshoes/112065" Yes these are Converse. You have to click the hyperlink to appreciate these shearling Cons. You can get into a lot of bars and spots with Cons. I would grunge out with these or even throw on the camo pants to wear. They have a military look to them HYPERLINK "" just like these Cons do.

Everybody doesn’t live where it’s cold so we can’t forget them. HYPERLINK "" New Balance calls these the Hawaii kicks, although I see the NY colors in them. They’re also all terrain so you know that means braving many of the winter elements as well. I will be waiting for these to drop to cop. I can see I will need gaiters for these kicks. Yes Gore-Tex gaiters to cross them streams.

For a cat that hunts game and does country stuff, these work well from the transition of dirt to asphalt. Low cut defeats the purpose with these HYPERLINK "" Timbs, and they should be the Gore-Tex versions if you buy them. I roam nature in my 8 inch beef & broccoli Gore-Tex versions.

The boot game has to be on point, gentlemen.

HYPERLINK "" On my wish list. This is part two. Leave them Robert Wayne, Steve Madden, and Kenneth Cole feet cruncher shoes alone. I’ma run through those styles on how to look sharp and win. Shouts to my Joe six-pack cats.

$ykotic Don McCaine


Them NB 574 His GO HARD!

You got me on a mission now.

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Very enlightening and beneficial to someone whose been out of the circuit for a long time.

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