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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sykotic Quickstrike: Kibblez & Bitz

Shouts to Dallas Penn. They go well with the cocoa suede jean jacket.

Did anyone get that call the universe left last week? It had America looking like a brick of yay fell from the heavens…

Birdman, we all kinda know that Kells is a weirdo, but a red star tattoo on your noggin like a Heineken cap is weird too.

Anybody notice that since Kanye came back from abroad the Jay/Illuminati talk died down?

Are you surprised that Canada is taking the ridiculi L with the Olympics? The whole world knows that Canada is the United States North, why don’t they?

Fifty lashes to the editor of the “We Are The World 25”video. 25 years later and it’s worse than the 1st one, with less technology then. And did Jay and Em even belong on that song in the first place? This is why the editor shouldn’t get 100 lashes…

Who out there is left to blog for XXL?



$yk what up?

Let your swag flow with them jawns homey.

strait up! who's left at XXL? the big homie Dallas left (what up!), and it aint been the same. for me anyway. altho i got to hand it to Bol. he is singlehandedly holdin that shit down. his shit as of late has been pretty sharp. other than that...ehhh. and the articles are like myspace "about me"'s and i cant fuck wit 'em. remember when people used to take this shit seriously? is this nostalgia or a genuine distaste for what it's become? are our expectations too high for these dudes nowadays?

anyway... great work...

I don't think the expectations are too high, I think they're right where they should be and we're not gonna take it anymore. If you're gonna rep a product, rep it right. XXL has been slippin' a longtime and it finally ventured into the website, which was the only thing holding them down. When it's wack, we move on. Wasn't that Hip Hop's motto ?

u right, 75black. thats how u call it clean. i mean i go thru the blogosphere and just see so many people complainin about the state of things. i wanna be bitchin all the time. but u right. somebody got to tell it like it is. and demand more. and mean it.

u absolutely right, my nigga...

i meant to say i DON'T wanna be bitchin all the time. thats my problem. i think i can type fast.

Well they're trying the female blogger thing now (on our request mind you) so let's peep game. Vessa is trying, watered down or not...

Complainin wont get you anywhere tho...gotta put your money where your mouth is....wut up i was just browsin thru perusin previous posts, i peeped that 360 deal piece and i been readin stuff here and there about the industry...I have my own "new" business ideas that i think i want to try out whether they work or not...but lookin at the state of the game im left thinking is it even worth it to venture into this stagnant music industry money drying up, rap fans dont buy nothing and hate everything...pop rap fans buy shit but are fickle...things arent looking good as of right now....on the other hand i feel like its a great time for some young cat with ideas(something this industry seems to have lacked for a long time) to come in and do things completely different maybe change the i making any sense here or just rambling?

nah, u aint ramblin P. u makin good sense. and its a lot of reasons to hate what these dudes is doin. it's only one hip hop. if this was restaurant, well shit, i'd just eat somewhere else. since i got to eat this shit, i'm gone keep makin noise until they stop puttin so much gotdamn salt in this shit! thats what i wa questionin the other day, cause it seems like i be bitchin too much. and i aint wit it all like that all the time. but shit, ifn it need to be said, fuck it, we dem baws to do it.

and u wanna see action? wait til i finish ths record. i got 2 edits to perform and i take it into the masterin process. we dont just build around here. we BUILD around here.

keep comin back. it gets greater later.

I like to complain a lot so i will contribute. I will say XXL blogs is awful. I just started reading a couple months ago but I went through almost a years worth of posts and Dalllas was good and combat jack was all right but i think he was a little overrated. R he seems like a cool dude and all and he had a couple real tough stories. ron mexico the same except replace tough stories with a couple of funny ones. Bol is off the chain i think. His own site is not that nice but everything he puts on xxl is classic imo. I didn't see a lot of his old stuff which people seem to say was lame but from what i've seen hes good. He doesn't go two sentences without saying something sneaky funny. Entertaining. The guest bloggers are garbage. If you only had to write one or two good blogs for your whole life as a guest blogger you would think you could come with some fire. dj skee's shit was pathetic. Talking about what drake should have done better. f'ing ghey. he looks like a jerk in that pic too. again im new to these sites but xxl seems like straight up sell out site to me just pushing mainstream bull s.

strait up. i co-sign whoever the hell that is totally.

lmao at "he looks like a jerk in that pic too."

go see for urself and see why i find that so funny!

Regarding xxl site. Go check out article called Gucci man kinda a big deal. Syk it sounds like this lady vanessa is somebody you fux with? You should advise her to take down her own article on her own shit asap. Some ignorant shit. Shes playing her whole companys self with that blatant nonsense.

Naw Anon I ain't down w/XXL like that. I just see them taking the ideas from the comments so I can tell they're watching. C/S the diluted mainstream look they have over there.

Bol must have seen this quickstrike, because of his blog today...


Y'all gettin it in.

XXL will be going after some of the commentors they ignored & shitted on over the last couple of years, who were trying to help them be the Jones', instead of keeping up with them.

Gotta have foresight & intuition. Some cats, they should've paid more attention to, for their own survival & relevance. They'll know it when they compile this years "100 hip hop blogs" list, though. Watch.

Fuck a list, but y'all smell my cologne.

You ain't lying ain't lying...

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