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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

$ykotic quicktrike...'cept it's Cult

i aint a biter. and thats my man regardless. but i just had to drop these on yall. imagine gettin ur bboy on with these! remember the Alpine goggles? what an upgrade!


Saw your blog on
Great topics and content.
Bookmarked for sure!

I'd look like I was trying waaay to hard in those. Ill for sure, though. I'm sure Gucci Mane will be copping a pair. For both sides of his head.


thanks my dude. i appreciate that much! 'specially when i went to your twitter page and followed the link to those og timbs! remember the 40 belows? those are the ones that will make me sacrifice some bill money for!

@ Grands

yous a gotdamn fool! both sides of his head! hilarious!

Hell yeah I 'member! The name is $ykotic, you know I was into the illy ill!



ill!the 40 below Timbs! the only ones worth really givin a shit about! 'cept maybe the broccoli's, but you see what i'm sayin....

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