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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Liquid Swords

FIRE! *Lil' Fame of M.O.P. voice*

Yeah I'm suffering from a heat-flash of Wu-Tang right now. I'm searching for old prescriptions to help me get over my fever. Too many of these new over the counter drugs are bad for the health so I'ma stick with my old earth's advice and take one of those home remedies.

Today I'm on the 'Weapon of Wisdom' tape (that's what the title means) and listening to all of the jewels that the GZA lays down on the tracks. 'Gold' is an all time favorite, you gotta get that money somehow, especially in this climate where survival is not as easy as it was 5-10 years ago.

Looks like Katrina right? That's Rhode Island, covered in RAIN, not a broken levee or hurricane/typhoon/tsunami. That's a mall in 10ft of rain, and insurance doesn't cover 'acts of god'. Even considering the abnormal amount of precipitation, if rain can do this to RI imagine what a hurricane/typhoon/tsunami could do. For someone who asks "how can you prepare for something like this?"

For goodness sake it's an ISLAND. How are you NOT prepared to handle a significant amount of water on an island? The architects and engineers were so busy thinking about the surrounding water they forgot the water from above. You can imagine the houses on the hillsides and the valley homes, built in nice pockets that would fill up with water like a Kool-Aid jug. It's a 'Cold World', the wolves will get you, even your own pack. SEWAGE. Big money game right there. WaterWorks and the Electric Company give you a controlling position on the 'Monopoly' board game.

Being sharp and adapting when displaced shows character. You never know when that next move on the chess board will threaten your kingdom. These days a rainstorm can checkmate you. Look at that mall. It just seems like there's a lot of displacement going on lately, like a 'Hell's Wind' is being blown around.

Sharpen those swords people.

Kibblez and Bitz:

Reason #19 Y I left NY:

An everyday experience...LOL @ the young chick...


hells wind or not, does main man really need an M16 in non hostile territory? a side arm isnt sufficent? i didnt read the reports, but im sure there were no signs of anarchy. and is it me or since Bush left the forest, i dont see no more terrorist alerts all crazy. they gettin muthafuckas used to military patrols. and people are cool with that shit.

me, i'll be the fly nigga wearin those flame ass dunks. and if i had to be marched off the property wearin said kicks, who knows how upset that might make me...

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