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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Mr Rap Dude Of The Year+3 Headed Monsters

I'ma call this one early. If you think about the albums released last year by rappers you can see that 'Only Built For Cuban Linx 2' is one of the few projects with relevance now in 2010. 'Blueprint 3' has pretty much ran it's course, sans the rotation heavy 3 songs. It received it's plaque of status but it didn't garner the LOVE. The same with 'Relapse', then everybody immediately started looking for the sequel. 'Deeper Than Rap' may still cause a conversation, but that project has been tucked away already so that 'Teflon Don' can be promoted. It will take a couple of years for the hate to clear away from how 'Before I Self Destruct' was a good album. But besides the Black Eye Peas, Raekwon is the only other artist from last year who has a buzz still going, I'm talking about he's still releasing videos on the project, and the response/interest is still major. And OB4CL2 was so successful, Raekwon couldn't even position himself to submit more music for the Wu collabo released on a major record company, 'Wu-Massacre'. I thought it would be Meth mostly absent. Although the 'Massacre' isn't complete, a push back on this project would have been feasible (it shows a little desperation on Def Jam's behalf), they will garner interest from the fans for more music. Tour shows off of this album have the potential of producing some of the best line-up melody sets of any other Clan tour.

Congrats Rae, you proved them wrong. And this song is flames, even in it's unfinished form.

Don't forget he's also a free agent, that EMI situation was a one shot deal.

So listening to the "Massacre' album, I started thinking of some 3 headed monsters who should collabo.

Jean Grae/Bahamadia/Rah Digga


Roc Marciano/Jadakiss/Fab


De La Soul/Pac Div/Tanya Morgan


Sean P/Ghost/Rae (P!'s already got a song for it...)

I know y'all have some mash-ups in mind. Throw them out...

p.s. I got the Ghost cover.


excellent post my man! excellent analysis!

that Rae song is ill! flashbacks of "Camay"...

Jean Grae/Bahamadia/ Rah Digga murders that entire list! nice range, tho'. ur a real bboy.

Bboy $yk. ride wit me...

Great way to weave so much insight together, then pull it all back in.

I might need to start blazing again, ha.

NaS/Nature/Jay Elec...Raps. For. Days.

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