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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Think about it...

I know y'all forgot about this song. Found it all dirty in a cracked cassette case. Spike had Brooklyn looking real good, but 'Clockers' was my movie.

I'm thinking about all the drama of hood/project life while watching 'Clockers' and I'm like we are soooo displaced from nature and programmed that it's not even funny. Hood life don't mean a damn thing in a forest. Man was given dominion over the planet and it's surroundings, and most of us have no idea how to utilize or adapt to our natural landscape.

Where you going? You gonna just start walking? How you gonna read that map? Please tell me you have a map of where you are.

The cotton in the Zippo dries out. Waterproof, light on anything matches are cheap. Fire is an essential element of survival.

A Swiss army knife that cuts through certain densities of metal. Everyone should have a can opener on them.

This cleans lake or river water. Most people don't even know this item exists. This is bigger than any shoe/sneaker or piece of jewelry out.

Most people will say "I don't need that stuff" and don't realize that you use derivatives of the same tools I posted everyday. Possess your own tools, because once these same derivatives aren't around for you to use, you have a serious problem. You should now begin to see how dependent we've become when it comes to urban structured civilization. People know more about their cellphones than they know about lakes, rivers, or streams.

History has shown us that civilizations rise and fall. Hunting and hiking will never go out of style. How do you think the people went to the next piece of land and set up shop? Pick up one of those outdoor magazines or watch the Verses channel for a minute, what they're showing you is something 106 & Park can't fux with.

Think about it...


Word man. I couldn't have said it better! Ppl dont realize how much we depend on others. When the Elite fucks around and takes our food from us, then we gonna see. I keep sayin this and I'll say it again, People are going to need some traumatic, chaotic event to happen for them to open their eyes and change the way we live.

thats some real talk. when suns say they swift and changeable, this will def put them to the test. nothin should be taken for granted. even livin in America. you gone see somethin else come in to play when that Amero hits. and... let me leave that alone. good shit, my nigga.

and send me/post a a link to purchase that lake/river water bottle if u get a moment. i definitely have to have that.

Good shit right here. Knowledge is power. Hopefully, this inspired some mental exercise for some.

"Think about it..."


That water bottle is REI...30 and we still don't know how to eat to live when we published that format years ago?

If that doesn't bother you I can't help you. My duty is to teach those who don't know.

The campaign motto was 'CHANGE'...Eu+Au+NAu+SAu+saudi paper=globe dom...A*m*e*r*o*s been on sale/sold out. U don't know you lost, word is bond.

'Think about it...'

Peep the comments...that's the one I I'm watching that Steven Segal/Ja Rule movie today and they're talking about the area close to Mt Shasta, where Steven can go hide out?

Where the air is clear, the water is there and the animals are plentiful...

well u know what they say. "Life immitates Art, as Art immitates Life" and film is an artform. Tellin Segal where to go to find "the cleanest water, the air clean and the animals plentiful" is a little msg to the viewer, but only a few catch it.

Remember when Enemy of the state came out? PPl was thinkin the shit they did in there was crazy. Now, that shit dont seem to far fetched in fact half the shit we can do from Google earth lol. Some fictitious movies get there ideas from somewhere, just like events in real life sometimes seem like a movie. I forget where I read this, but it was stated that "for the elite to control the masses, they make movies with chaotic endings, because they found that ppl will identify themselves with the main character, so when that chaotic ending or something similar happens for real, they respond to it like the main character" Or like how videos nowadays seem to have a "military police" presence in them. By the way they are all videos from artists (if thats what u wanna call em) that are sellin hot right now. Rhianna, Gaga, Beyonce. Its like they tryin to shove it down our throats, constantly hittin us with images of military police, so when that day happens, we're all compliant. Not me sir! U ready to die for what u believe in?

Think about it.

p.s. love the fact that theres knowledge in the drop, and even more food for thought in the comment sections

This is REAL shit that gets so overlooked!! I'm about to go cop my survival tools like yesterday!!

Cats think guns are survival tools.

Too many zombie flicks, not enough "end times" joints.

The information is out there, but until Gucci Mane does a song about water purification & man-made fire, the message will be lost. Saddest part is, more niggas know where specific gang territories are than campgrounds. They know where not to go, rather than where TO go, if you smell my cologne.

Again, keep the knowledge coming. It's not much out here these days.

No doubt Will, that's conditioning. We've been conditioned to think going out in nature will get our AF1's dirty and we have everything we need in metropolis anyway.

A stark reality even I didn't REALLY notice until lately. I carry these things everyday. Never know.

B4 I came to the west there was a blackout in Queens for almost a week. While the cops have the lights going out on their Mag-Lites, I'm walking around with a lantern. Stuff like this is must cop all the time.

That water bottle is dope as fuck. Yeah, im one of the heads that didnt know bout'em

All valid points here. People are being programed with all types of media (videos,music and images), but have no idea whats really going on. If you control & numb the mind, its game over.

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Hello. And Bye. Thank you very much.

Hello. And Bye. Thank you very much.

Hello. And Bye. Thank you very much.

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