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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Whatcha Doing?

First off I want to say I KNOW some dudes' NCAA brackets are toast. Those lower seeded teams ain't playing pushover this year.

You don't know about National Corn Dog Day? Brush up on what's the deal. It may sound wack or what have you, but a day where people get together and sloth out on corndogs, tater tots and Pabst Blue Ribbon (Jones Co. soda also if you're a sober hova) is a good thing. The party is usually all day and you spend it having fun and watching March Madness. Trust me this shingdig starts like around 10AM and lasts until midnite or later, because that's when the click goes bar hopping, or dragging depending on how much PBR you drank. And I know beer pong will be involved. If you don't know about beer pong, you should know it's the best way for a broke ass person to get drunk as a skunk. When you lose is when you win. This game should be ridiculon (© Dallas Penn) popular in ANY hood.

This year the party is in Sacramento, Ca. My girl's little bro is sponsoring this year so we're taking the ride to go have a little fun. Nothing to do on Saturday? You can create your own version of it. Either hit the supermarket for the goods and call the homies, or find a location on the website's listing that's closest to you and join in the festivities. Trust me there are good times involved, people sign up for sponsorship to this event in January because the companies involved send out coupons and other goods to help make the event festive (CHEAPER).

There are chicken corn dogs too. Buffalo wings are optional but it kinda takes away from the whole idea of it being corn dog day.

Sunday we're gonna do the rafting thing before we drive back on Monday, y'all should know I have to get my nature exercise on. I need to prep the verdegris then I'm out in a few hours so I can hit most of the outlets along I-5 and see what's coppable.


Be safe, stay safe.


Damn Syk!!!!!!

I wish I read this shit on Thursday I stay out here in Sacramento. We definetly couldve hungout.

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