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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

$ykotic Quickstrike: Colored Money

“and treated me like a wet food stamp”-Biz Markie

“Yo, yo, why you wanna act like a tramp, a wet food stamp”-New Kids On The Block

Personally I think the government could use this currency right now. It could be supplanting the dollar in this recession, keeping the buy and consume market working with the transfer of goods and services. What ever happened to all the bills? They even had plastic coins back in the days. Y’all done went and burned them didn’t you? I can imagine all of the trees and ink used for these coupons, you always had to go to the check cashing place and get new books every month (and I remember some of those 2-5 hour waits on line too). People would have held on to the green money and spent these coupons in a hot minute today. We used to even hit the Chinese restaurant with these. When the parents got divorced and the old earth was between jobs, we had to eat. But the worst thing was getting wet and trying to spend that wet food stamp for a bag of BBQ and hot BonTon’s and a bagful of penny candy Jolly Ranchers. You see the disclaimer on the bills, “do not fold or spindle”. You were ‘supposed’ to carry the whole book, and rip them out when it’s amount due time. And for all the “it ain’t real money” sayers, them food stamps got you mugged like it was green money.

I know they have EBT cards now, but it’s obvious it doesn’t work like the coupons did. You could spend the colored money in different states like green currency, can’t do that with an EBT card. You just lost revenue with that maneuver right there.

A smart person in government would/should revive these like a NY Nets Julius Erving jersey.


^ the universe on line one....

u wanna know some REAL wild shit my dude? you know how you check your account balance on the card online? you go to it's on the back of the card if you think i'm bullshittin.

what? i'm a hustler. i don't pay full price for anything....

Word is bond! The account number is your access/RESTRICTION number.

Full price is NEVER an option for me...

I live in the hood. EBT'sare as good as stamps, which is as good as money.

Shit, I bought weed with stamps before. Can't knock the hustle...

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