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Friday, March 26, 2010

$ykotic Quickstrike: Intervention

* in 48 hours this blog will self destruct. Think I'm playing... *

Yo it's fukked the fuk up right now. It is not a game, it is a challenge you feel me? Time is ticking, utilize it or watch it unfold. Hell I refute comedy cause ain't a damn thing funny.

Man I'm holding some serious gems. The name acronym means the Pulverizer of Hideous Dialect.


If they didn't say Drake is the man, you wouldn't even be thinking about homie.

That drop about Ghostface is official issue tissue.

The game is boring as hell right now.

Don't be surprised if that GAME album rocks.

Mobb Deep>>>>>>>>The L.O.X.



And no the website is not working.


you shutting the site down?

If so, are you going to do that Gangs of New York (no Daniel Day Lewis) drop before you shut it down?

Drake is okay (just okay) I personally cant rock with him.

Kanye's next album will shut shit down.

Game's album is going to rock

REDMAN's shit will definetly rock.

I gotta check that Ghostface drop out.

Mobb Deep is finished. Havoc sounds lost by himself. Hasnt been active on the production tip. Basically hasnt done much to keep the Mobb Deep name alive. It was over when they signed to G-Unit. Sure they got paid (nothing wrong with that) but they lost they brand. The L.O.X. are in trouble. I dont know whats going on with them but it doesnt look/ sound good. Heard Jada's DefJam deal is jamming the group up.

We ain't closing shop, it's about to heat up.

Thank Puff for what LOX is right now. But their work doesn't stand next to Mobb's catalog.

whew! i thought u found some dynamite in the house! oh, you talkin bout high explosives. then shake the earth, sun of man...

$yk b killin shit!

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