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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

$ykotic Quickstrike: The Stakes Is High

I think The Roots should give De La Soul a little bit more love. The more I listen to De La music, the more I can hear The Roots' music.

But anyway, this collage shows you what people will do to get their hands on that big payday. 'For The Love Of Money' should be the quotation, but I would like to bring forth the thought that most aren't thinking of, that you should never believe that the field of competition is playing fair. Just because you are.

Kibblez & Bitz:

SMH @ Cheetos 'Mighty Zingers' being nothing but crumbled up returns/leftovers of flavors being re-sold to you for full price.

And 'Hmmm' for the offshore drilling thinking of being allowed now around 'Da Boot', when Baby said earlier he's got a 'company' for the same type of business.


co sign like a muthafucka. you are on fire! keep hittin 'em $yk!

De La always kills the live show and on point with the albums. Def one of my favorite groups of all time.

i saw de la in concert. best concert ever been too. they may be most underatted hip hop act/group/anything ever. I know they aren't underated by their fans and people who know but in general most people prolly know em just from me myself and i which prolly why they hate playin that song. that was low point of concert for me since i went solo to concert hahahha i was far from my hometown and wasn't going to miss them for nothing but still was dreading when that song came up. but being at the show hearing them perform probably 30 to 40 songs i was simply amazed they had so many jams. don brother u know 4 sure you got at least 1 cat who appreciates the building blocks you put down. thats gotta be worth something. bboy respect to u also for providing the ride that gets him to front st. well at least to a side st anyway. at least hes not just in his front yard playing kick the can or some shit thx to u. yep.

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