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Friday, March 12, 2010

$ykotic Quickstrike: The Texas Backstep

The dilapidated building you see is the first thing you get when you Google Texas school building images.

This was an interesting email someone dropped in my box.
Am I surprised? No, I’m not surprised. If you have ever watched ‘King Of The Hill’ you should know it’s not about Hank’s faithful patriotism, it’s about his Borg-esque assimilation of Texas culture that you sympathize with (laugh at).

What I’m saying is where are the rap representatives in Texas? People we worked hard for this rap thing to get recognition within the American culture. Yo Slim! Z-Ro! Bun what’s up? We already know what the state thinks about J Prince. Paul Wall, where you at? Chamillionaire? I know you guys are just ‘rappers’ and you can reach your audience in the streets, but so can Country/Western, the music curriculum the state is replacing your rap music curriculum with. Do you Texas rappers know if this ruling will still allow you to go speak to the kids at school? This looks to me like it covers elementary schools all the way to colleges. How long before they strike it from all venues, even if they have cabaret licenses? Ya’ll gonna let this go that easy?

I could say this quickstrike may be too early, but this was a state government vote, you gotta believe that there was some type of public release about this information. Why not get the attention of the rap heads on the InterNets to help bolster the outrage factor? And when the first attempt to commit this fukkery failed why wasn’t anybody on the lookout to check it when it showed it’s face again?



these complacent muhfuckas? please. they all just figure somebody else gone do it later for them. Jesse or somebody. and aint none of them comin around til they need campaign contributions.

niggas will let all types of shit happen to themselves. just so they can do it anyway when its illegal so they can feel gangster. boy, i tell you...

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