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Monday, April 12, 2010


what up folk! this is Culture, aka bboy cult. man, its been a minute since i been back atchall! how the folk? the fam? the kids? the side piece?

i ran into this earlier today, and all i got to say is, this bitch got lyrics. and not like bitch in a derogatory way. like bitch like i say nigga to my niggas. regardless this bitch can spit! now this bitch is a bit butch and built like a Bob or a Brian. but the bitch aint bad. ifn she a chicken that likes to take a lick'n, i might take a like'n. cept'n if she a butch bitch dont like to share. then i gots to draw the line there. strait up.

the shit that kills me is that a lot of females feel like they got to be dudeish to rock. and what guys like to hear are GIRLS on the mic. not chicks tryin to pose tuff like dudes. its not necessary, unless u ENJOY actin like a guy.

Exhibit A:

"My Desire" by Salt N Pepa

get up on game.

i'll be back atchall soon. don't worry. yall are in capable hands.... get 'em $yk!


This post was mad funny! The word play...kudos.

Yeah, I never understood why lady rappers (I refuse to call them "femcees") try so hard to be dudes on the mic. Then, I'll run across a butch bitch in real life, & while she's busy staring me down so I don't look @ her fi fi's boobs, I realize that these females are so lost in the widerness, for the most part, there's no reason it wouldn't permiate their music as well.

I think a female is capable of being sexy for the right reasons & still being able to rap. That whore look/attitude is far too popular though, & Lil Kim is making her plastic-filled comeback, so we'll just have to stay tuned, I guess.

& ftr, Remy Ma is the business. Don't know how jail affected her looks, but I was in love with that broad. Bahamadia may be able to rap her ass off, but I'd pick it up & hand it back to her. Remy, nah mayne, I'm putting that shit in my backpack & finding a secluded area...ha.

Grands! u a fool!

"Bahamadia may be able to rap her ass off, but I'd pick it up & hand it back to her."

thats cold! and what makes it more fucked up is that i know her! and imma tell her what u said...


The chicks need to rep themselves better than they have lately.

Tell Bahamadia to throw out 7 heat rox Cult, I bet she'll be happy. You know the homie Premo is sitting on something ripe for a reunion.


early Lyte>Remy


Hurricane G>Remy




Deadly Venoms>Salt N Pepa

Jean>Boss/Nikki D/Heather B

Sweet Tee>Trina

Remy>Lady Luck (PROVEN)

Rage=Hurricane G

I don't think they sound like dudes. I think they sound like them and that them is closer to the style used by males than the girly fem rap. Why a female gotta be sexy to rap?

Female rappers don't make it for the same reason the wmba isn't as popular as the nba.

1. From the beginning the vast majority of rappers/emcees have been men. Women have contributed a lot to hip-hop but since this is male dominated like mamy segments of the society the female voice is seldom heard except through male filters like sex vixen,black queen,poetess etc..... It is the same way hollywood portrays minorites as stereotypes.

I believe Janice Joplin and Jona Jet had to"" sound like the boys in rock and there still fewer well remembered female rock bands. I think pop,country and r&B are some of the few genres that have women and men on somewhat of an equal footing now.

Avenger! i love when u come thru! its always guaranteed to be some fly shit!

i feel what u sayin, but i wasnt sayin that they had to be sexy. i just said id like to see them be feminine. like Bahamadia sounds like a girl when she rhymes. no mistakin it. same wit Jean Grae. always sound like a girl. that can SPIT. better than most dudes, actually. thats why i put the Salt n Peppa song up. its them gettin in to it, they growlin and shit, and still sound feminine. i can rock to it. i can't really rock real tuff with the chicks that sound like dudes or close to em. dikes are only fun when u get em to beat up a chick that u really wanna smack, but cant cause of these damn domestic laws.

and i dont mean no disrespect to sis, her name is Invincible (not really sexy, not really humble) and she is REALLY good. and cute somewhere underneath it all. and that dont mean she got to rock a skirt either. remember back when chicks rocked the same TI sweatsuits we did and still looked like girls? same Guess jeans? they just put on ear rings and wore 'em tight. and ill b damn if that aint how these niggas dress today. yuck.

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