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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

$ykotic Quickstrike: SunShyne

Home girl underneath this is ill with the wordplay. Salutes.

What do you think of this? Shyne's got a winner. Let the right engineer finesse the arrangement on this song and it's a go.

Son walked out of a correction's facility, took a paid flight to the homeland of Belize, signed a hefty recording contract and moved to the UK to start putting in work. Straight gangster for someone who gets chided for wearing a Harvard law sweatshirt and fugly New Balances with Hebrew dressing. Dude jetted off with a pot of gold, and highstepping with a quickness requires you to wear comfortable and sporty clothing.

Shyne's about to run some laps around the rap game.

Kibblez & Bitz:

Foster Sylvers>Drake

Jamal from Illegal>Drake

Lil' Vicious>Drake



thats why i fux wit u. i was sayin the same thing. this shit is alright. i think Shyne rocked this shit. and ur right it needs an edit. and suck some of that heft out of his voice in the low mid range. $yk, u gone make one hell of an A&R when we launch...

MasterDisk! what u know about that? Toney Dawsey? What? even tho i feel he clipped the shit out of the peaks for the BluePrint 3. a little hard on my ears. but pobably at the clients request. but he more than makes up for it for his work on "The Sun Rises In The East", "The Blueprint"(Jay Z not KRS*excellent job*) and "Illmatic". hope my resume reads like his. and Bernie Grundman. and Bob Ludwig. ( used to rock at MasterDisk)

ok, my nigga!

Got the Disk on speed dial. And Bert Padell. I worked @ William Morris Agency for a hot minute 2.

"$yk, u gone make one hell of an A&R when we launch..."

^ I've been ready, hope these cats are ready to work...a yes man smoking a blunt ain't the business.

"I don't care if you're tired, do that verse again..."

"Son you're high, you're wasting time & budget money..."

"Tell them broads to come back later when you're finished punching the clock..."

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