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Monday, May 10, 2010


i mean, if u come thru regular, u got to know the bang up job my man $yk is doin out here. absolutely amazing. i got a couple of shouts wonderin what was up with me. well, rest assured, Culture is still around, still lookin, still listenin, and still observin. some of yall will understand what i just said fully. some wont. either way ur still all my peoples.

i have been extremely busy preparing the next leg of our business. The TasteMakers Music Group offices, and Serene Sound Mixing and Mastering Studios. it's a labor of love. and a labor of labor. the good thing is that i'm around quality and qualified individuals who know how and what it takes to get the job done. because what is getting done, and how, i could never afford it without a bank loan or a drug dealer homie. but it is gettin done. i give thanks daily.

this is a view of the control room leading into the booth. this just the first wall of three. the second wall is layered between the first and the third to support layers of soundboard, humisite, insulation and thermaply.

this is the control room wall. great job. and even trickier than it seems. the wall is tilted 20ยบ, to bounce any unabsorbed (the room will have baffles, clouds and diffusers), up to the ceiling and away from the prime listening positions, tuned to the engineer's chair and the client listening position. but the length of the room should give a great sound over all.

now this aint no regular construction dude. (the Mexicans are on lunch break in this photo) this here is Don Groove, the man whose previous studio, Platinum Bound, is a legendary spot out here in Philly. its the studio gave birth to Freeway, Dutch n Spade, Beenie Seigel, RAM Squad, Peedie Crack, Young Guns (Chris n Neef), Charlie Baltimore, and Gillie the Kid. He got disgusted at the music business (not MUSIC itself. he still got some of the best production i ever heard, some of which has influenced one of the most popular producers out today. but i aint gonna start no shit...), and took a break, and went into construction. when he comes back to this side of the game, its gonna be hard for a lot of these dudes to handle. both of us together will really put a hurtin on the studio business here in the city. why? cause most of the dudes who have studios that are poppin right now out here are all HIS youngbaws. and his sister is married to my brother, so this is my BROTHER. its more than business. it's FAMILY.

this is a view from the window. we are on third floor, so away from it all (shout out to Key, look out for her soon...). this is on South St., what we call Downtown Philadelphia. to put it in perspective, where we are is the equivalent of having a studio on West 4th in NY. god is good. on any weekend, the scenery out this window is a pageant of the best of the beautiful women of the city of all types, cause white girls out here are GORGEOUS. thick, like Ricans. a view out this window during sessions is sure to inspire in one way or another.

and here is the boss of Serene Sound Mixing and Mastering, my daughter, Serene. aint she special? she's black, Japanese, and Guyanese (East Indian [India] and Arawak [Caribbean Indian]). my shotgun is already oiled and sitting in the corner behind her in this photo.

so trust, the next round of shit from us is gonna be somethin else. i aint the type to lip profess, tho. i'll show and prove soon enuff. ride wit us.

$yk, you the shit!


Peace to the young queen!

I see y'all are right on strip, huh? I'm "supposed" to be on that side for 2 wks in September...

Best of luck with the endeavor Cult. Change the sound of hip hop when the work is done. Shit, when the work is done it's really just beginning. FTMFW!

Shout out to the queen in training...

Keep up the good work, fellas. Y'all know I'm staying tuned. History in the making right now.

@ $yk
it would be criminal if u dont stop thru.

@Capital G
thanks for the positive energy. and u so right with the work just beginning. as far as changin the sound, i have been formulatin that on two fronts for a while now-the style and the way digital audio is done. my thesis statement is soon to come. stay tuned...

what the fuck is FTMFW?! u know i aint as web savvy as you, my nigga! i stay askin ur advice about shit!

FTMFW: Fuck the motherfucking world.

Actually, I've never thought about it meaning "fuck the motherfucking world." Ha!

I meant it as in "For The MotherFuckin' Win!!!"


i like yours better!

no offense, G!

For the motherfucking win? HAHAHAHA! I'm an idiot. That shit never even occured to me. Shows you where my head is at.

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