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Friday, May 7, 2010

$ykotic Quickstrike: Take A Trip

I'm taking this on my ride, so I figured I would get you all to ride with me.

'Runnin' gets a lot of burn in my life. The Elements have always been amazing with the music.

When will men realize he's still around? 'Golden Lady', but the whole album is official.

The title track. Don't hurt nobody after listening to this album.

'Hollywood Swingin' and 'Funky Stuff' are great songs. Never liked them after this album, even though their smash hits came after this project.

'The Hypnotic' always has me pondering WTF happened to D'Angelo.

The album cover folds out so you catch a lil' back action. 'Work To Do' is fly but I like the first 4 songs.

I always liked Kris. I enjoy the title track and 'Poisonous Products'.

When you come back from this trip, you'll realize the music fell WAAAAAYYYYY the fux off.

Honorable Mention:

Pete Rock & CL Smooth-The Main Ingredient (thus the reason I took the other)

MOP-Warriorz ('Face-Off' is bananas.)

Gang Starr-Moment Of Truth (been burning 'Salute II' hardcore)



oh man, my nigga, i'd love to take that ride with u! a ride like that would make me wanna come home and make beats. straight up. thats a lot of inspiration. and its a shame that a lot of these dudes dont listen like this. it contributes to the sad state f music. cause cats dont have an idea of what threshold to exceed if they dont ever look around to see the benchmark. ur peers can NEVER be a standard. cause by definition, they are the same level as you. they can b motivation. but only what has come before and achieved greatness can serve as a pattern to greatness. strait up. and these are some of the greats.

good job $yk. and email me the mp3of that Main Ingredient album. as i recall, theres a banger waitin to be made on that joint.

Mp3s at 320 ,VBR, stereo conjoined, please. best setting for highest quality.

I'm looking @ 3 sets of blueprints this week.,g/

wheeeew weseeeeed! boy i'm tempted to delete this link! never reveal the wutang! but u know what, for those that rock with us tuff, enjoy. its great music. and those of yall that make beats, say thanks to baw $yk when u get a moment. cause this shit is ill. well, if u got a good set of ears...

Yeah it's day job deadline week. Y'all could actual use my architectural hardware expertise in PA...

am i the only one who sees the message being made in that BDP cover, title included?

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