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Friday, May 21, 2010

$ykotic Quickstrike:Franklin

I know that's the first thing you thought about when I said that name.

Homie on the left is whom I'm referring to. How you gonna give my man the Cam'ron beach chair when you have the dog splitting the rainbow?

I still marvel at how Ben supersedes anything with Jorge Cincinnatus' likeness (1 to 100 is a big number). Regardless of 'first', Ben was in the cut all along.

This guy wants to switch it up now. Your big hit was an ode to Franklin (the tribute IMO was BIG's song) so I'm not surprised. You're perfect for that role. What better way to audition for the job, since the other guy is leaving, by having a major motion picture about to be released where you're acting as a person in this position? And you announcing 'partnerships' & management duty endeavors via video and press releases?

Go ahead, do you, you should have made your own show like it when you had the cable shine (do you see the similarities?) instead of frothing for that man's seat. You still don't own any distribution or press.

I'ma fuX with my man Franklin up there on the left holding it down for dolo.


Shots fired? (if im understanding this correctly). Its kind of weird, he used to be a boss. Damn homie...maybe this is bad karma coming back (a lil reality check if you will)

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