Read In Your Language

Friday, May 21, 2010

The $ykoticMindz Sessions

I finally figured out how to drop music here w/o the ' getting into any issues. So while I'm taking one of my many weekend excursions, I will be listening to all of you guys' music that you submitted to me. If you haven't done so as of yet, drop it in the box (I'll be checking sporadically over the weekend). If you want to drop the linx in the comments, feel free to do so.

Don't worry, I won't be doing anything close to what 2dopeboyz & nahright are doing. Cult that email had no attachment to it, redo sir.

And y'all should know when I come back, there will be plenty of goodies to snack on. I already have a full magazine ready. Quality before quantity.



will do.

can't wait to see what you got planned.

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