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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Kibblez & Bitz

^ The universe is on line one...

That umpire who f^Xed up the no-hitter last nite lives 3 blocks away from me! TV & radio vans are all over the place. The whole family is getting death threats. A big F U to Bud Selig for not overturning the results, I'm pretty sure Cleveland would have taken the 'L' under the circumstances.

Raekwon's 'Cocainism Vol 2' mixtape is lava rocks.

Black Rob's post jail catalog>Shyne's post jail catalog

And I'm rooting for Shyne. Seems more and more like that contract was a check for services rendered.

What does the sun look like? It's been raining here for 26 days straight. Good thing for turkey bags ya know?

NaS & Damien get busy live.

I'ma leave y'all with some vintage footage of the team. RIP to the homie Devious.

Of course I'm in it and there. I actually forgot I had that bike shirt.


OK this is a repeat for some reason my first attempt didnt post.

" Silver Surfer just touched down"

I feel bad for both the ump and the pitcher. What a tragic (sports-wise of course) twist of history in one moment.

Havent heard the new Rae tape yet

Black Rob >>>> Shyne period.

Turkey bags? Ummm... I used to use them for something other then Turkeys. Probably eat some turkey afterward. (you smell me?)

I need to start going to more concerts.

Thats whatsup. Good to see hiphop active (in a positive light) in the community

Missed you in the vid though. What time mark are you shown?

Still coming to SAC? If so when?

that vid is fly, my nigga. i see u dont lip profess it either...

been thinking of doing something similar for a long time for the youth in my city. Because my city planners are shutting down rec centers and librarys but beefing up jails so we know what that is about.

On a funny note why does that dude from pbs look like the guy from tim and eric on adullt swim.

SAC is looking like the holiday weekend. Already did 2 Game-ish pushbacks on that trip. I'm on stage w/the chick and one of the worker bees.

"why does that dude from pbs look like the guy from tim and eric"

^ LOLZ Oh sh^t he does!

Avenger I throw out there plenty of ideas!

Had to show $yk's culture Cult!

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