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Tuesday, June 1, 2010



yo, i may be a lil late with this, but the shit is fly anyway. and maybe some of yall aint up on it either.

this is a compilation that was compiled by the baw Kevin Nottingham at Kevin the baw is fly wit his. and all i got to say to $yk and Grands is, how yall let me fo'get to shout him out?

this is a peek at 'Ye when he was a challenger of the material and the perception of the mainstream. or what has placement there. his lines are expertly crafted and the music is creative and linear. sound quality might not be the best, but it sure aint the worst. only a bit of distortion in the vocals in a few places. shiiiit, i might master it, and send it back to Mr. Nottingham for re-issue! lol! wait... u know what....


'Unreleased' is the reason I don't like 'Power'. I hear you 'Ye, but you ain't doing it like, like THAT.

Talk sh^t over that Rzarector ionospheric wave and I'll pay some serious attention to it. Your old socks look waaaay better than them over-expensive ones you're wearing right now Kanye dude guy.

word! i was listenin to this shit like, this dude is CRAZY. nowadays i be listenin to his shit and be like, dude is crazy...

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