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Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Watch it for yourselves. I'm not even gonna go in on your music and persona Lil' B. That picture above demands that you take that 'L' fam.

Honorable mention:

Pic lifted from nahright.

Where's the gay pr0n rapper, tough guy talk Ross? Lloyd Banks is right in front of you. And where are the jewels, Ricky Rozay (sounds like a gay pr0n rap moniker)? Gotti's successor should be good money in New Jersey, no?

SMDH at these new rap dudes.


Is that really Ross? Both them cats was selling hella wolf tickets and didnt do anything in person.

thats was funny as shit! i didnt even expect lil man to get open like that! but it fucked me up that the security dude, or whoever that big dude was, just let them leave without a problem. shiiit, he let him snuff him without so much as a "stop!"! you can hear a bunch of people in the back like "oooo!" tho!


Bawse! Fuckin fraudulent ass rent a pig. Officer Rickey presents: Top Flight Security vol.1 Like a Damn Snitch. Word to Mike Epps in Friday after next. Lil B, well... dude got snuffed out by an openly gay "rapper". Epic Fail across the board for homegirl. I guess that's what you get for calling yourself a faggot and a pretty bitch. And what in the fuck is a "based god"?

I was gonna post Lil' B's rebuttal blog, but him getting snuffed by a openly gay Christian rapper was enough agony of defeat.

I'm pretty sure Lyodd Banks saw Ross there and didnt do shit either..why such bias against Ross..He been said that the shit with 50 was over..Banks is the one who I last heard say that it wasnt over..about around the time Beamer Benz started blowing up.

And Lil B getting suckerpunched while sitting down is an L...its not an ether type of L...its an L that can happen to anybody..............................but it is still a pretty funny L...but thats life


No bias, like DV8 said they were both selling wolf tickets. But Ross has the upper hand in that flick, dude's back is turned (which we know means he didn't feel threatened by Ross), and the caption is funny.

New layout looks fuckin dope fellas!

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