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Monday, June 28, 2010

Who Won This Game Of Darts?

Help me figure this one out, because I have been seeing this argument on the 'net for months, and a lot of the reasoning and emotional attachments deviate totally from what transpired.

50 responded to the line in 'Mafia Music' about the baby moms, whom 50 just had a recent heated court battle at the time, with 'Officer Down'. Mediocre at it's best, Ross stated 50 had to respond with something better than that within 48 hours. So 50 did, and dug up Rick Ross' (pending name of course) baby mom and showed her to the world, giving her a voice as a scorned partner with dirt to dish on the Miami rapper. Not a good look for ANY man.

Ross' retort was the 1st of his three 30 second "disses" compounded with other moves made by both sides. The 'Gang Related' video was good enough to score a deal for the Triple C's group, but the darts weren't pointy enough. The 'I'll Be The Shooter' G-Unit vid, which helped them promote a video game, was just as dull.

To me it's stalemate at that moment in the "beef". But when the 2nd 30 second diss song comes out, and Ross starts a viral campaign on WSHH with the vlogs, 50 creates 'Pimpin' Curly' to equal the 'net presence, using one of Ross' diss monikers to his advantage. Then Lloyd Banks releases 'Officer Down', which was a good diss song to re-spotlight Banks as a solo soldier. Now if this was all about the music like many of y'all have said, why didn't Ross respond to this one, specifically? He couldn't have created a strong verse over 'Yacht Music' to get at Banks? Yayo & Gunplay would have been a good battle though, bosses are supposed to stay in the war room while the soldiers fight.

I will skip over the Ross filming himself in NY and the Bronx fiasco (which kinda held Torch back), as well as the Khaled mom's sleeping vid, the Trick Daddy diss song, the "Time To Make A Movie!", the harlequin who was doing the videos with the paper face chain, and the LV/XXL snafu. But I will say, in that skirmish of slander, 50 clearly won that round. Anyone one with a brain could tell Domination & Smurf had nothing to gain being in front of the camera at that time. Game is the one who kept MM2 from being epic. It was a wound, but not like this, cause son dropped these names (and he still ain't respond to Busta).

* Busta ended Ja, and the rain splashing & that 'Snorty' Brown rooftop video/collab/connect. *

After the last 30 second Ross snippet, 50 dropped 'Tia Told Me', which he should have did a video for, especially since 50 was filming video episodes and getting a handle on the new camera equipment. IMHO, that would have really hurt Ross. All Ross had left was DTR, which was the SOLE reason this all started in the 1st place. PROMOTION. Wasn't Ross promoting a DTR movie as well? What happened to that?

Understand these guys never said "let's battle with albums", like the Kanye scenario. Did Ross have a better album? I like 'Rich Off Cocaine', and I like 'Strong Enough'. I never advocated these guys' careers before so in no way was/am I biased. Don't be foolish, of course I've previously heard their music. Both of these guys have skip songs on their last projects. This "beef" was a smear campaign battle based on a marketing strategy, and Ross lost it, because it didn't create the epic response that required such an expense. Ross is lucky someone buzzed in his ear to retract the Eminem proposition, because you knew Em was gonna chop his head off (and I bet you Ross is glad he did). 'Warning' could have been a Ross epilogue, easy.

Did you all realize I left out the C.O. talk, the street cred, the sales numbers, the money, the 50 hate?

So what did Ross win? The right to rock with Puff? Look at this again, family. Do you see what I see? There's a connection there that baffles me, all there affect or have had (?) an effect on Ross.

Cats will always wanna hang around and blood-suck your shine when you get the attention in this game. If you don't believe me think about the BET show when Puff came out doing his verse to Waka's song, but Waka can't get a microphone to do his big hit's chorus, which is less than 30 seconds.

For all of y'all crying about "nobody wanna hear that old head, 80s-90s music", Ross' music is embodied with all of those things y'all say you don't like. Listen again.

And for y'all saying "It's Entertainment", well Tom Cruise is an ACTOR, and he just put out a very entertaining movie. But everybody only remembers him jumping/ACTING on Harpo's couch.

The media won, because they told/tell you who you should like.

Please make sure your darts are sharp before you throw them.

And don't worry, I'm still waiting for 50 to respond to this. And this.


Well.....Ross has been putting out better music through all that mess. 50 really went out of his way to humiliate him. Its hard to say. Success is the best revenge so Ill go with Ross. Diddy supposedly took some shots at somebody at the BET awards. Word has it he was talking about 50. Didnt the real Rick Ross kick it with Mayweather (50's homie) upon release? ITs a big game of 6 degrees of seperation.

Also it seems that 50 only goes hard at people who he believes he can beat lyrically. Thats why no response to Nas, Gza, or D-Block.

I think through all the shit that 50 put Ross the Rapper through, only to still have him standing there, more or less unscathed, earned him a lot of respect where it wasn't before. Street, 'Net, et cetera.

I did a drop on puffy vs 50 (whadup DV8), & I mentioned Ross that winning that "battle" if only because he's like a dumb dog. He's so out of touch, he doesn't even know he may be losing. Therefore, he'll stand there until the "owner" gets tired & walks away. That's more or less what happened with Ross. He refused to go away. 50 get bored & found something else to do...

It's arguable, & valid points can be constructed & construed for both parties, but Ross the Rapper is still around, even after a predictament that should've chased him out of the country.

For lack off a better term, he wins.

**Sidenote for Cult & $yk

DP shut down his site, indefinitely. But, he's okay, he's just moving on to other shit.

Also, CJ has a new site:

Grands! I was wondering what was poppin with dP. I think he has a future with that Stadium/IC thing. I need to drop him an email.

"That's more or less what happened with Ross. He refused to go away. 50 get bored & found something else to do..."

^ this I could see.

Grands! the proof West Coast niggas is fly!

what?!? the big homies cleared out?

time for a huddle...

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