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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

$ykotic Quickstrike:Y+T2LF

I have always been taught that this letter is meant to justify. Many parents do not realize that they lose their kids when they cannot answer the questions of wh(Y). It's also one of the most frequently asked questions of all mankind through it's existence.

One of the youngin's hung out with me the whole weekend to help clean up the farm. Sat back and smelled nature and got his head right. Son is signed to a major recording label. Thirsty as hell, frustrated like a mufukka. I'm like "OK, more free consulting".

I start playing dart specialist.

Wh(Y) do you wanna be a rapper? For what? Music or the money? You're barely pulling in most states' minimum wage for a year. Your a constant target of jealousy and a glutton for punishment when it concerns the media. That 10 carat casting your chain has looks terrible in the sun, a bad investment. What is the marketing strategy concerning the project? Is there even a project? Anticipated project even? Let me hear the music...that's it? Where are the songs? These sound like freestyle sessions. People ain't gonna listen if they can't relate yo. You trying to make music that gets played on the block or music that gets played at the Grand Prix in Monaco (this, what I said, is a large extremity. One must choose where they fit into this spectrum of artists and musicians. Your music presentation should also reflect your placement, for if it doesn't, you will cease to exist. Per se, DMX cannot do R&B.)?

If you didn't even have a clue as to what I just said homie, wh(Y) did you even sign a deal? What fame and appreciation has it gotten you? Do you even have the thick skin to battle the fickle media circus to promote yourself? The strength to battle them REAL haters, who try to set you up as the lick? This is probably your first REAL girlfriend, you wouldn't survive a dosage of groupie love. You'd be either baby-daddyful or herpes-ed up. I bet you ten bucks you can't tell me 10 words that were most frequently used in that contract.

Hopefully I sparked a mental by throwing so many questions (you could actually vision a (Y) as a dart). He said yeah, so now it's on him to reflect the light given to him through his actions, then we'll have a clearer view of his success, which likely wasn't probable if he didn't get the $ykotic Quickstrike.

So after dealing with that, I come home to this crap about this Kat chick. Wh(Y) do we have so many solutions to what should have been done during that scenario, but we have NO SOLUTIONS on how we can save that Gulf region?

Raise your hand if you can fly a helicopter or plane. Because NONE of us have a plan on how to save our WATER & FOOD. None of us know how to maintain a marsh, very few know how to maintain a lawn, fewer know how to keep a simple plant. None of us are in those offices overseeing power moves. None of us have big boats or ways of refrigerated distribution to help quell the future high prices that will reflect the magnitude of this crisis.

* Did y'all cop that water bottle yet? May need it now... *

But we know what Kat Stacks is going through. Wh(Y) is this even a blip on our radar?

Our whole social equality takes the 'L' for this one. We ain't done not a cotdamn thing except play tiddlywinks. This is some SAD sh^t.


aint that the truth.

Dare I say that Gulf Oil Spill was done on purpose and just before Hurricane season starts.

New World Water indeed. Word to Mos Def

Oh yeah play "Paparrazi" by Xzibit for the young head.

well done!

and i guess cats aint read her bio on her site. she done been under some pimpin. see, when she got smacked, she put her head down. got right into pocket. nobody gives a fuck about the hoes on the street. why give a fuck about the one on the screen?

and this was slick...

"Hopefully I sparked a mental by throwing so many questions (you could actually vision a (Y) as a dart). He said yeah, so now it's on him to reflect the light given to him through his actions, then we'll have a clearer view of his success, which likely wasn't probable if he didn't get the $ykotic Quickstrike."

this is todays math. the 2 thats necessary or the 1 and the 3 to connect. this is what it looks like when u do the understanding rather than doin the knowledge.

my dude....

I recently heard the anology that Knowledge is knowing what to do and Wisdom is knowing how to do it.

Sorry Wu- Tang taught me what little 5% teachings I understand. I'll do some more research when time permits. In the meantime break it down for me. Por favor.

Good example D. I'ma do that.

"just before Hurricane season starts"

^ think of the rain saturating man and the land...

"Knowledge is knowing what to do and Wisdom is knowing how to do it."

"Knowledge is knowing what to do by studying & gaining information, and Wisdom (wise-dome) is speaking on it."

You speak to show what you know.

"I see what you're saying..."-This is the understanding, the clear view (visual in the 3rd eye/mind) given to others.

D this why Wu is so dangerous. There are so many hidden jewels they've been speaking on for years.

"Yo the devil planted fear inside of lil' babies (slavery whippings and segregation hangings & cop beatings)/fifty cent sodas in the hood they going crazy (high salt & sugar diets are mind altering)..."-Ghost "One"

I have yet to see a Tropical Fantasy soda over here.

Latest scientific assessment:

Up to 800,000 gallons of oil have been spilling PER DAY, nowhere close to the early estimations by BP of 5,000 to 12,000 gallons per day.

let me add on...

so far in my research, no other country allows a foreign corporation to extract oil from it unless its a poor country making concessions in order to earn money for it's economy.

what is BP (BRITISH Petroleum) doin off the shore of America, spillin crazy oil into this country with little to no consequence or demand? unless BRITISH Petroleum is really drilling in their own back yard.

dont get me started on the 13th amendment...

Yeah they do have a significant investment in US oil (Standard Oil, old Amoco Oil).

nah, Standard Oil was the Rockefellers. they are Exxon today. just like the old Kennedy money is now Seagrams, which had significant stakes in the music industry (most notably, Def Jam).

You didn't happen to be talkin bout the bol Meek Millz did you? That's some real spit though about the gulf... there is so much anti-news out there its enough to keep the ignorant real ignorant. We're in a once in a lifetime (well twice if you count exxon valdez) crisis and people is sweatin lebron james. damn.

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