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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Ras Kass feat. Killa Priest, Canibus& Kurupt- This Sh!t Right Here

i was just sayin yesterday when i was goin thru the more recent posts g\that its mostly old skool shit. i dont mind that, i love history. but it made me think that i really aint came across nothin that made me feel like thats that shit from no current niggas in a while. til i came across this.

i couldnt help but notice that Kurupt was really on some shit on this one. i mean, Ras killed it. what im sayin is, i aint heard the baw put in that much effort in years. and i really appreciate it. cause as talented as he is, he been soundin like a real lazy dude for the last past couple. no shots. but no shit.

this is reminds me of what i remember hip hop to be. now wheres that crazy comical dude? Biz Markie, Fresh Prince (dont get it fucked up, that baw was a WRITER) or even fly funny like Slick Rick? niggas scared to be funny these days too. even Eminem hardcore now. its room for it all. imagine eating peanut butter and jelly for breakfast, lunch and dinner. thats called RADIO these days.

well, these niggas fixed a real good meal for you.



this shit right here nigga!!!!!!

OMFG that shit is heatrocks. I havent had goosebumps from anything hiphop since Jay Electronicas "Victory" mixtape which was close to a year ago at least.

it would be dope to have some healthy competition between Horsemen and Slaughterhouse. I put my money on the vets.

Oh Yeah. Heads really need to show Will Smith in more high regard then they do. Will was the 1st (and the 1st successful) at alot of shit these cats trying to do now. People who dont consider Will Smith a very important figure in hiphop clearly dont know they history.


i fully agree on both points. and the battle with Slaughterhouse would b outrageous! at least on the subliminal note, like u get the idea that Dre was battlin the Bomb Squad on the low for so many years. i dont care what nobody say, Dre didnt really get ill until Cube did America's Most. then N4L dropped HEAVY. then that same production style went heavy into the Chronic (style as in approach, not music).

to quote Tip, "Competition's good, it brings out the vital parts..."

and Will did an album before "He's The Dj..." that was crazy, where Jeff rocked the Jazz samples before ATCQ. it was dope, for real. all and much respect to Slick Rick, but Will is one of, if not the best storytellers in Hip Hop, period. those that know, know. those that dont usually guest blog at

A Real Tight Track.....This was something I needed to hear and I haven't heard until I peeps until I jumped on this site. Damn Shame too because everyone should be up on this !! I guess every site can't represent true Hip Hop.

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