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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Yeah He Went There

These dudes. Before you continue to read this, if you haven't checked this out, you may want to. When I saw the tracklist to 'Teflon Don' and saw 'Free Mason', I was like, is he gonna go there? I agree with the homie DV8, he should have said nada. The grumbling was dying down. But since he did...

No one told Jay to do those visuals for 'Run This Town' and 'On To The Next One'. If Jay couldn't see what was materializing in those videos to stop and say "I ain't feeling this, let's go in a different direction", then we are giving him more credit for his intelligence than he is due. Jay himself said he's reading Crowley. We all saw Jay wearing the hoody. You could have just wore button ups and slacks instead of all black Jay, you know, the apparel that people have successfully associated with the occult. I won't go into how someone who's "blacked-out" has an all white cover for their last project, bright as hell, called a blueprint in it's third installment, with 3 stripes. Jay you have spewing countless forms of symbolism, and many rap fans know you deal with subliminal tactics.

What Jay didn't expect is for people to catch on to these symbols. A lot of people are home now because of the economic strife. They actually have time to take closer looks, study, and even fact find.

See there are a lot of things you don't get close to in this game unless you submit. Yes, there are plenty and many of 'Indecent Proposals' that occur for many people to be even remotely successful in the entertainment industry. What you have to understand is that for a rapper, a supposedly former drug rapper, who gets uber millions, to now sit next to politicians, especially when said rapper has done nothing political, you gotta expect a red flag to go up somewhere down the line. How did you get there? Paul McCartney was caking way before Hov, I don't see him breaking bread like that. And I bet you they know more about Paul's music than Jay's. But Jay is known to cool out with Sting.

Jay may not be a mason, but he damn sure is a pawn for them masons. They know he has a large following, what better way to incorporate these new ideas? Get one of their "heroes" to tell them it's cool to do it, show them it's OK that it's happening. They know he will bring some people in, ready to submit, like Ross, who clearly wants to be in that group. Yeah Jay, you are amazin', if you think we can't see what you did to get paper. You know about the math, you grew up in Marcy. You know about the Ansaar ways too, you and Jaz recorded on Bushwick Avenue back in the day, you couldn't be in that midst without them speaking to you. You became a Muslim son, the ten percent who blood suck off of the underprivileged and not knowing any better. And you know they call Muslim sons masons. Wordplay is deadly (see Nas with "godson". Can you see a little clearer with what Griff was saying?).

And I'm not buying that when you get successful people wanna associate you with certain things excuse. No one's associating Dave Chappelle, Aaron McGruder, or 50 Cent with being in that space. Just Hov.

* If you readers will notice, those I named above pretty much said no. *

At the end of the day, it's all about the agenda, and profit. If you don't back the agenda, your profit decreases.

Ross suckered you in Jay, he's dying to get membership.


thats my dude. i knew u was gonna wear it well. and ur right. this nigga Ross is dyin to be accepted. anywhere. i used to see COs up north like that all the time. and we used to play on their fantasies of bein thug related to our own benefit. just like these dudes doin him.

and Jay knows. Jaz was Ansaar. and if im not mistaken, one of those vids, Jay had Ansaar garb on. it is what it is. or it will be be what it will be. we'll see soon enuff.

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