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Thursday, August 26, 2010

My Xtra Xtra Large Response

To this right here.

It's too late. She's already influencing the young women, look at the above comments.

Young, impressionable ladies out there, DO NOT be fooled by this girl's "success". The media and people LOVE to see a glutton for punishment. IT MAKES THEM FEEL BETTER ABOUT THEIR LIVES. People only want to know WHY she's doing this, and what she's gonna do next, the "HOT SCOOP". No one cares about her to step in and warn her of the consequences of what she's doing. They are only around to get PAID OFF OF HER.

There is no future in what she's doing. Ask all of the porno chicks out of work, who can't get a real gig because dudes remember them in the magazines and movies. Ask all of the models who have shown their ass and did things for work and STILL don't have a good modeling job.

Ask all the versions of Kat Stacks in your neighborhoods, who are burned out/turned out with no type of life, still hanging out by the liquor store trying to get something. Look at them old chicks with the tacky cloth and horrible makeup, getting drunk on the corner with the old heads, flirting for a meal, a fix, or some of the OG's SSI money, while they leave their kids at home hungry and unclean.

Ask the broads who borrow clothes to go clubbing every weekend to meet a "baller", only to get dug out and sent home (if that) if they REALLY have a future in what they are doing. If they did, they wouldn't be there every weekend.

This woman is NOT a role model. The Black woman on the international space station is a role model.

And I will respect the Black woman on the train or bus coming home from work, with her shoes off because her feet hurt, with groceries in her hand or clothes for her children WWWWAAAAAYYYYY before I respect this little girl.

* drops mic *

Kibblez N Bitz:

What ever happened to that Shakur "Nada Hoe" chick? The one who thought she was gonna blow up because she was in that Drake video, had make a beat for her, and blogged on XXL? Where is she?



AMEN!! And I forgot all about that "brain surgeon" chick who guest-blogged on XXL last year (exactly...).

Can't add nothing else to this post except maybe an "EXACTLY". You hit the nail on the head with this one.

cant believe they gave this chick shine like that. I know plenty of up and comer/ underground rappers/MC's that could have used that press. SMH.

Whaddup homies?

yeah DV8, especially when they dropped the excerpt right after the Souljah scenario...and these knuckleheads still don't catch on to what the deal is.

Shock and awe journalism has overtaken journalistic integrity. So since the House of Harris is advocating ignorance, they can't moderate the e-wino comments...the next quickstrike.

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