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Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Damn, she got you shorty. I didn't even believe it until I saw it. That broad is NOT playing fair. You're not even smart enough to have the chick sit between your legs so you can watch HER, or go home and take a shower, so you don't have this chick going thru all of your pockets and stuff. Son, it's Kat Stacks, your guard is supposed to be up.

To keep it real, a lot of entertainers do blow, although I'm not advocating the youngin' doing it. Cats are too quick to say you're a hater, and he got his money let him do him. And besides that, I didn't see him do it. But homegirl is sitting there rubbing his chest, making him feel like a man, while she's plotting his destruction for her benefit. Y'all still like this chick, calling her the "Queen Of Media", giving her write-ups in major publications, and paying her to host events like she's actually a true celebrity?

Savages in the pursuit of happiness, I tell ya.

The bad part is, son sounds like he's really feeling this chick. And you ain't even smart enough to confiscate her phone/camera. SMMFGDH

Take the L fam. Don't know how the label is gonna view you now, as a young kid who's major hit was eons ago, and fresh off of a scandal with a professed hooker/media whore in a hotel with lines on the table. Good luck with that.


Savages in the pursuit of happiness

Nah, savages in the pursuit of internet celebrity status. I really can't grasp the concept of being all hugged up with a bitch who's reputation is as trifling as the day is long. This prostitute, I mean that literally, she fucks for money, does this type of shit to everyone she comes in contact with. What the fuck would a LCD "rapper" expect the outcome to be from spending time with her? Soulja Boy Sniff 'Em indeed. Epic fail for all involved.

I try not to hate on piece of shit women or garbage artists too much because they're their own worst enemy, but I truly can not wait for the day for this hooker to be erased. Be it from an overdose, a bullet, drunk driving accident, anything... as long as it's karma manifested in the form of something horrible. Fuck Kat Stacks.

Cap the way it goes in life, Souljah will throw his career away messing around with this slore. He may be the one to out her, seeming how he doesn't use his axioms correctly...

You ain't never lied Syk. Bottom feeders and leeches just never sit right with me. How does this trick never get hit with a prostitution charge when there's video of her talking about getting paid to fuck? Drugs or not, some dudes' level of stupidity is mind boggling. I think what gets to me the most is this chick ain't even remotely cute and her voice could make me choke puppies to death.

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