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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

$ykotic Quickstrike:Kibblez And Bitz

Need these to compliment the black ones I own.

I kinda like that new Dre cut, 'Turn Me On'. After hearing 'Under Pressure' on that HP ad, you can clearly hear that that song wasn't gonna move the crowd, so he probably used it for his endorsement venture, kinda like that Dr. Pepper song I don't even remember.

Ross vs Jeezy shows that Khaled is running out of ideas. And SMGDH at these fickle ass fans saying it's a wrap for Jeezy, who just so happens to have a big hit summer song playing at various kinds of entertainment venues and social gatherings as we speak/read.

People hate what LeBron did on TV, but wait for Farve to pull the same stunt every year, on TV.

If oil doesn't evaporate as fast as water does and therefore doesn't get released in the atmosphere quickly, how did it evaporate so fast in the body of water? Is it because of the detergent they used? Won't that evaporate within the water into the atmosphere?

Anyone notice after 'Ye put out his portrait(Power), Jay-Z announced his memoir?

I was hoping for a Roc Marciano video for 'Marcberg', in case any of the Dallas Penn collective check in over here. And that Sean P verse on 'Snow'.

Do them spam comments count as hits?


I would hope that Spam would count as hits.

Dre's 2 recent songs suck. If this is the type of music hes planning on releasing soon he can keep that.

Ross vs Jeezy? who cares? As long as Ross keeps putting out good music, im good.

im just glad the summer of Lebron & Favre is over now. Now lets play ball!!!!!!

that oil situation is a conundrum (spell check?). im more interested in the underlying issues the media doesnt talk about.

Jay-Z piggybacking off the one of the current hottest artist out in order to stay relevant again? Get out of here!!!!!!!

Where the hell is Dallas Penn and Combat Jack anyway? CJ started a new site and hasnt done shit on it since the beginning of the month. Hope DP gets back in the game soon.

cant stop fighting the good fight because the suckas are cheating.

Who the fuck is Carrie Prejean? No really, who is it and what is so special that someone feels the need to push that porn tape? Damn this spam to hell.

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