Read In Your Language

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A 4 Billi Add-On

This is exactly what I'm saying. While these elite rap stars flaunt their wealth, places like this, of true wealth, are left for other people to swipe up. Cats out of Boston at that, considering that many of rap's wealthy reside in NY or are close to it. Who's buying this place? People who most likely aren't even associated with the music industry. People who see the wealth in this historic site. Didn't Mr. Carter try his hand in some real estate deal? How did this opportunity slip by?

The last time I heard, they give you money to help in the upkeep of a historical landmark. Watch these people come in and make something of this building while we argue and quarrel over who represents "real Hip Hop". Even at this very moment, we are discussing Fab v Souljah Boy in a battle.



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