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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Home of The 4 Billi Burger

I wanted to switch up from the TI/Tiny fiasco. Somewhere down the line TI will get tired of retainers and fees. And fines.

Honestly, I haven't patronized Burger King in years. I can't say I crave anything on their menu. Could it be that I live close to a Burgerville? Could be. Because I've tasted the likes of Inn-N-Out Burger to know that I'm wasting money on a Whopper? Perhaps. Usually I create my own $ykotic Burga:

2 double quarter pounder patties (from McD's)
7 slices of cooked turkey bacon
4 pastrami slices
4 slices of corned beef (or roast beef, depending on my mood)
2 slices of Tillamook cheddar cheese (no Kraft eastcoasters)
sliced pickles
thousand island dressing
handful of McD's french fries(on the burga)

And this is a monthly recipe I switch up on, but mainly stay with the basic ingredients. And I'm still a lanky 180 lbs (hooray for metabolism). If you can, try it out, figuring that this weekend is "supposed" to be that last weekend to BBQ. We BBQ all the time over here, it saves money on the electric bill.

But back to the subject at hand. BK is going private again. Some investors are buying it for close to 4 billion dollars. I'm thinking, Blackman, where's YOUR 4 billi business at? For all the flack we get over chicken, why don't we have a majority stake in the world's largest fast food joint, KFC? We can ride around in Maybachs, smoking and bullsh^t, but what are we REALLY doing?

Nightclubs ain't enough. Limited edition shirts and sneakers mean nothing. A garage full of expensive cars is foolish if you don't have your own gas pump.

Where's the big business at Blackmen? Where's the 4 billie business that can provide food and jobs for thousands of us trying to succeed in life? That can even provide scholarships and sponsorship money to help the less fortunate than you "successful" guys? I've heard of E-40's venture. None of these guys can invest in it to make it national, better yet, international?

But a cat will spend 2 mil on a chain (Puff), or a car (Birdman), or a vacation (Jay). Excuse me "ballers", but rich guys buy businesses. Poor people buy luxurious items to say/show they are rich.

Call me when Bill Gates buys some diamond encrusted fronts with the company logo, and I'll forgive you rapper dudes.


How in the fuck do you open your mouth wide enough to eat that beast of a sandwich? You gotta update this post with a picture of that culinary monstrosity. It's like an entire grocery list of items squeezed on a bun. I'm pretty sure gluttony is one of the seven deadly sins, just saying...

ur the truth $yk. and ill have some news soon! stay tuned!

"It's like an entire grocery list of items squeezed on a bun"

^ lolz

next time Cap.

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