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Wednesday, September 8, 2010


So getting back to the music, I want to let all know who have submitted music, that I have heard all. Listened real well. Expected to witness more diversity, yet I am pleased with the level of talent. As well as minds. I had the same format as XXL did with the DJ's giving the pros and cons, so I fell back to the drawing board. Maybe I wanted the presentation too immaculate, perhaps I should just let it breathe, let those out there bear testimony to the ionospheric waves.

'Politikkkz'-B Eazy by sykoticdonmccaine

I enjoy B Eazy's music. He has a story to tell. To me, he sounds like he's reborn again when he gets into the booth. The love for man and music, so he doesn't want to waste time, he insists on bring a dish to the table. His polishing requires he study the craft to speak craftier (absorb the double meaning), refine his persona, and search for a in-house producer with the same vision, for his word and voice require it's own sound. I will be honest, I have been listening to B at the same time I found out about Big K.R.I.T. Them two with Skyzoo too? I'm listening and copping.

Y'all out there in lurkdom, drop a line on homie. Let's work...e-fluent on deck.

Bonus Beats:

We did this in 10 minutes. I'm #2. When Hip Hop was fun, and not about getting a check. Which was a bonus, b.

'BRIGADETRUST' by sykoticdonmccaine


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