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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Damn yo...

Whoever is feeding this man's vice is PAID.

I would say it's a rumor, but when the heads attending the Narcotics Anonymous meeting at the spot call with the scoop, you gotta give it some type of credibility. I saw you on the BET Awards fiasco, you looked too geeked up to walk up the steps. But I'm glad the weed carriers & lawyers made you go in, at least they're smart enough to not want their cash cow chopped up for consumption. I'm pretty sure returning to penal system was a good sticking point (no pun intended) in the final decision.

But damn yo, give the homies who paid for tickets to the shows you don't show up to their money back. It ain't their fault you're so high as a kite that you can't recite them nursery rhymes.

Heal yo'self brethren. Good luck.


you know something? now that I think about it, I would see some pictures of dude and I always felt he was either really high on something other then weed, or he was slow. Maybe it was both.

^ it explains his "lyrical" flow too...

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