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Friday, October 22, 2010

A Hip Hop Logan's Run...

If you know anything about 'Logan's Run', you lived until 30, then were killed off. If you wanted to live, you had to escape from that bubble society, into a land where none of that society's way of life exists.

Suppose we really followed the "rap stigma", and said anyone 29 and over can't rap anymore. Anyone in the game over 10 years HAD to retire to make room for the new cats. Take today's date for your decision.

Who would you listen too? Would you still even listen to rap music? Kanye would be omitted. Wayne would be omitted. T.I. would be omitted. Jay, Nas, Wu-Tang, Dre, The Roots, Tupac, BIG, Puff, Eminem, Cam'ron, Jeezy, Ross. Many names would be omitted. Who would you listen too? I have on my list...

Pac Div



Drake (the new LL, would have to)

J Cole (and the jury's still out)

Nipsey Hussle

Just like the movie, you would have to remove yourself from that society, which means you wouldn't be able to listen to any of the omitted music or have access to it. Anyone still in that society would have to conform to the recent, you wouldn't have access to the old stuff either.

Who would you listen to? Would you listen at all? Because I am scrutinizing that lineup, and it looks thin to start a generation of new rap fans.


Hmmm....Lets see:

Jay Rock
Stat Quo (I think he just barely still qualifies)
Dead Prez (if they qualify)
Drake (kinda starting to like his music)
Wiz Khalifa
(it would be cool if they did either another mixtape or an album together)
Young Buck (even though 50 shut him down, those mixtapes he dropped where hot)
Joell Ortiz
J. Cole
Nipsey Hustle
Terrace Martin

wait a second you said everybody over 29 too right? Shit that just about kills my whole list.

Fuck it ill listen to R&B or Classic Rock or something.

If Logans Run was real it would be a fucking nightmare.

dead prez is omitted

joell is onitted

young buck is omitted

stat quo is omitted (32)

We both named some of the same rappers, so the game would survive, but it wouldn't flourish. Especially not thru digital distribution and these fans who don't support.

Oh yeah....until Drake makes a "Rock The Bells" "Momma Said Knock You Out" or "I'm Bad" he will never, ever (5x's) be the next LL.

"he will never, ever (5x's) be the next LL."

^ LoLz

let the media tell it and he's already there...

how did we forget about Vado?

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