Read In Your Language

Monday, October 18, 2010

Why Y'all Mad?

How do y'all see this as only being about Taylor Swift, while overlooking that dude was messing with Amber Rose? What about the "taboo"? What happened to the part about rappers needing to get away from the gangster stuff?

First the "portrait", now the "cover". There have been many album covers out there that are way more offensive than this. Like Kanye said, in the 70's there was more nudity than ever. Look at the Ohio Players, the 'Superfly' cover. I even have a cover on here of the Main Ingredient, where I said the album cover unfolds to show honey in her full nudity, without genitalia shots. The inside of that cover did it again.

So I have read people claiming 'Ye is riling up the masses. Well, what about Jay? Didn't he write a verse on a song called 'Free Mason'? What about 'Run This Town' & 'On To The Next One'? And as for the argument that it won't sell in stores, who cares? Hasn't dude just proven thru GOOD Friday's that the new 'net formula is the way to go (No shots to Crooked I, who paved the way)?

Bottom line, I don't see the uproar, just a lot of emotion. Public Enemy has WAY more offensive covers than that one above.


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