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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A Missed Opportunity

I've been listening to 'Maybach Music 3'. Ross missed one with this. He just caught a good crossover buzz with that Erykah remix he did. And I do remember her saying she wanted to film a video for Ross. Check out what I saw him (actually, all of them but it's his brainchild) pass up.

T.I. was home from his bid. By now we all know he actually has a 'Bach, so it's an easy shoot. NYC is a quick trip, he said in his verse to meet him at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel. Good footage of him CHILLING, enjoying his riches, being chauffeured, kicking his verse. The visual he needed the world to see.

Erykah, who was catching a little flack for that Dallas video, could have directed the whole video, so footage of her lounging in her 'Bach would be easy. Shoot an elegant side of herself that would fan the flames.

Jadakiss plays an integral role. He actually has Style's P riding with him in his 'Bach (I'm not going there). They get 2 different shots for the video. Styles has to get dropped off for 'BMF'. Then Jada meets Puff at 'Fountainbleu'. Ross is there waiting.

They all hit the jet, fly back to meet Tip & Erykah at Avery Fisher Hall, the spot for the NY Philharmonic at Lincoln Center in Manhattan, because the JUSTICE League are performing that night. Ross NEVER touches the stage, it's not about rapping, it's about living.

A nice good 7 minutes of a visual commercial, displaying rich and privileged jet setting (I could see Birdman in it too, showing off). A lot of things could have been done with this one video. It could've repaired some broken media images, promoted products (Ciroc & Tip's cognac, Erykah's filming skills), created full anticipation for those other 2 Ross songs, and created a marketing strategy for 'Bugatti Boys'. It even could've gave Tip the hint that he should have a driver. Just saying. Look at the picture, the joy is sitting in the backseat and the video would have embedded that in one's brain.

But, it's a missed opportunity.


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